Worst Book to Screen Changes Bridgerton Creators Made to Kanthony

Worst Book to Screen Changes Bridgerton Creators Made to Kanthony
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Despite the huge success of Netflix's version of the bestselling book series, fans still have some problems with the book-to-screen adaptation.

Julia Quinn's series of romantic novels set in the fictional Regency era became a huge deal long before Netflix decided to turn it into a blockbuster show.

Millions of fans of the books were rather cautious about the adaptation and hoped that the streaming giant would take a faithful approach to the original literary work.

With two successful seasons already out and a third coming in the near future, it seems that people are generally satisfied with Netflix's approach to Quinn's work, but some minor problems still bother fans.

Was Kanthony Ruined by Bridgerton' s Lack of Respect for the Source Material?

One of the biggest complaints about the series has to do with a rather unexpected storyline: the romantic relationship between everyone's favorite Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton.

Their love story was universally acclaimed and very well written, but fans still can't help but admit that the characters' infatuation with each other was developed more thoroughly in the books.

Viewers also believe that one of the worst parts of the overall storyline is the inheritance fiasco, when Kate learns about it but chooses not to share it with Edwina, who is being courted by Anthony at the time.

Fans agree that the characters' actions in this subplot are unclear: Kate seems to be manipulating her sister and Anthony into a match for the money, which is of course not the case in the book.

Quinn's original work didn't have this story for a reason, and the series' writers failed to make any sense of the situation.

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The second huge disappointment was the love triangle between Kate, Edwina, and Anthony, which is pretty much an empty and stupid idea largely invented by the show's writers. This storyline hasn't been properly thought out, and this resulted in many plot holes and unnecessary scenes. Fans hope that, in future seasons, Netflix will realize this as a flaw and make Edwina follow the plot of the original book, where she falls in love with another man, allowing Anthony and Kate to enjoy their happiness.