Yellowstone At Risk of Repeating The Walking Dead's Biggest Mistake

Yellowstone At Risk of Repeating The Walking Dead's Biggest Mistake
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Pushing for more seasons and spinoffs is a dangerous path.

Yellowstone 's Season 5 is in full swing, and several new spinoffs (aside from 1883) are already in the works – which is clearly good news for fans hungry for content. However, it may also lead the show into a trap that other shows have fallen into.

Many fans have already expressed concern that Yellowstone will repeat the mistake of The Walking Dead by stretching the show out over multiple seasons and milking multiple spin-offs.

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Some hope that the fifth season will be Yellowstone's last, for the sake of the story. Many note that knowing when to stop has become a "rare skill" these days, and fans hope the Yellowstone writers have it.

"I'm a firm believer that a solid number of seasons for a good show is 4-5 tops. All of my favorite shows hit this metric. Writing a show with no ending already set before you begin is a horrible idea," Redditor Shaunair noted.

The Walking Dead, according to the majority of fans, started to deteriorate after Season 5. Season 8 was the one that "ruined" the show, fans believe, and none of them want the same fate for Yellowstone.

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However, the Paramount Network series does not seem to be giving up on the story just yet. In addition to the already aired prequel, 1883, its sequel, Yellowstone 1923, is set to premiere in December. Even the 1883 spinoff has its own spinoff in the works, titled Bass Reeves.

Yellowstone's push for more content is understandable, as the show became the most-watched TV series in the U.S. this year, with its Season 5 premiere averaging around 16 million viewers.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead officially ended its run earlier this week after 12 seasons and several spin-offs, some of which are yet to premiere.