Young Sheldon's Cast Takes Terrorizing Each Other on Set to the Next Level

Young Sheldon's Cast Takes Terrorizing Each Other on Set to the Next Level
Image credit: CBS

Whether they are rising stars or just average schoolchildren, kids love to play pranks.

When it comes to long-running TV shows, especially coming-of-age family sitcoms, the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the cast can be just as important as their on-camera bond.

After all, what we see on screen is largely a result of what happens on set. And Young Sheldon Stars is living proof of that.

The Copper clan, with its complex but warm dynamic, seems to mirror the relationships among the cast. And as with any large family, there is plenty of fun and shenanigans.

Throughout Young Sheldon's six-season run, its child stars have grown up before our very eyes. When the show began in 2017, Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon, was just 9 years old, Raegan Revord, who portrays Missy, was 10, and Georgie's actor Montana Jordan was 14.

And of course, in addition to being young stars, they were also kids who loved to play pranks and terrorize each other and the adult cast and crew.

Namely, Raegan Revord likes to describe her on-set shenanigans in various interviews. She once revealed to It GiRL that she and Armitage liked to scare a set costumer by jumping out of dark corners at her.

"She screams like it's the end of the world like it is a zombie apocalypse. It's really funny," Revord said.

She later told Unclear Magazine that the kids took the pranking to the next level when they discovered a demon doll they call DD in a closet.

Apparently, the creepy creature has been passed around a lot. At one point, the kids put it in the writers' room and got a lot of screaming from their adult colleagues.

Another time, Revord put DD in the bag of Melissa Peterman, who plays Brenda Sparks, and the woman was shocked to find this terrifying souvenir when she got home.

"Then Mrs. Melissa started taking her around town to run errands with her. It was hilarious," Revord recalled laughing.

But not every prank went so well. Revord said that after putting the puppet in the car of one of Young Sheldon's directors, the kids never saw it again. Of course, that didn't stop the cast from planning and playing other hilarious pranks on each other.

"We are like a real family, and we are very comfortable with each other so we get a lot of joy from scaring each other," Revord shared.