'Spider-Man' Star Calls Oscars to Ban Will Smith For Life

'Spider-Man' Star Calls Oscars to Ban Will Smith For Life
Image credit: Legion-Media

It’s been almost a week after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars stage, but the buzz continues, with yet another actor joining the list of celebrities condemning Smith’s escapade.

Thomas Hayden Church, also known to many Spider-Man fans as Sandman, has called for the Academy to ban Will Smith: both from being nominated and from attending the ceremony in the coming years.

"I am an Academy Award-nominated actor, I've been in the Academy for 17 years, and what [Smith] did – despite how he tried to scramble for an explanation, and quite frankly I think a pretty pathetic excuse that he was doing it out of love, out of protection for Jada – in my mind...I think that Will Smith should be banned from the Oscars for the rest of his life," Church told SiriusXM's 'Debatable'. "I think he should have his Academy membership stripped, but I do not think he should have the Oscar taken from him."

At least he's okay with Smith keeping his trophy. And it seems like many people online agree with Church's point of view.

But not everyone: some Will Smith fans call for compassion and understanding.

One of the Oscars' producers has already revealed that Will Smith was on the verge of being arrested if it wasn't for Chris Rock 's reluctance to press charges. Smith, for his part, has repeatedly apologized for his behavior.

Still, the drama goes on, even though the chorus of those ready to weigh in is already being diluted by people like Daniel Radcliffe, who refused to share his opinion on the story because he's already "dramatically bored" by other people doing it.