10 Child Actors Who Totally Outshined Their Adult Co-Stars

10 Child Actors Who Totally Outshined Their Adult Co-Stars
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Some actors started their careers quite early, when they were children, and for some of them, these roles were their debut ones on the big screen.

So they gave it their all — they performed so well that they outshone their adult counterparts and delivered much better than we thought they could at such a tender age.

Knowing that these kids didn't have as much experience as their adult co-stars and yet were able to captivate the audiences and steal the spotlight fills us simultaneously with joy and a little bit of envy. These movies show us what real, raw talent is, and now we can see what it has grown into after years of meticulous honing.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl showed us a promising actress who has literally no limits, and her current filmography proves that. Whatever kind of transformation Daniel Radcliffe went through so he won't be perceived only as The Boy Who Lived but also as a great actor, we applaud it and his choice of projects, the newer ones even more insane than the ones that already surprised us.

Seeing these young actors taking their early steps in this field alongside seasoned professionals is always enlightening.