10 Horror Movie Cliffhangers We Might Never Get Answers For

10 Horror Movie Cliffhangers We Might Never Get Answers For
Image credit: Legion-Media

On one hand, movies that end in cliffhangers leave you, well, frustrated and hanging. On the other hand, they make you think, they stay in your head for far longer than any other plot that was completely solved would.

There are, however, these 10 horror movies that left us wondering: what happened next? And we know we won't ever get the answer.

Most of the time these cliffhangers are cheaply hinting at the incoming sequel: you, my dear cinephile, will get the resolution you want if the movie does well at the box office and studio executives get enough money to greenlit the continuation.

It's a dirty trick, but it works, sometimes, and forces people to urge their friends to go so they can discuss what exactly the author meant.

There are times, however, when the creators of the movies just love the ambiguity that the open ending brings with no intentions of explaining whatever's gonna happen in the future, letting the viewer speculate to their heart's content.

And that's exactly what we do: the unanswered mysteries tend to bother us in these peaceful minutes before we go to sleep, forcing our brains into overdrive at the least opportune moment.