10 Huge Hunger Games Book Moments You Won't See on Screen

10 Huge Hunger Games Book Moments You Won't See on Screen
Image credit: Legion-Media

Translating the language of books to the language of movies is no easy task, especially when it comes to a series as sprawling as "The Hunger Games," where dozens of complex characters coexist on the same page and vie for the reader's attention.

And while director Francis Lawrence did a fine job adapting the books for the screen, he still managed to leave out a lot of crucial plot points, angering book purists in the process.

Here are the 10 biggest cuts "The Hunger Games " movies made:

Obviously, none of the storylines mentioned above are crucial to the main story of the franchise, so cutting them didn't hurt "The Hunger Games" franchise in any way. However, these storylines added depth to the overall narrative, so their absence from the films was still felt, especially by fans who read the books.

However, Lawrence and his creative team cannot be blamed for cutting some content, as they were tasked with creating a movie that would attract new audiences, not adapting every page of the books. And without a doubt, they did a perfect job, even if some of the characters' backgrounds and smaller psychological moments did not make it to the screen.