20 Underrated Movies of the 1980s That Still Hold Up in 2024

20 Underrated Movies of the 1980s That Still Hold Up in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

The movie industry in the 80s was extremely prolific: movies became one of the main sources of entertainment, be it huge silver-screen works or some of the direct-to-video projects.

And just because there were so many things released, some of them went under the radar despite being actually quite good. So, here are 20 movies like this.

Now tell us: how many of these have you accidentally caught up on TV when you were rummaging through the channels? We think that at least half of them should be familiar.

Some of these movies were done by the directors who haven't yet seen the spotlight they deserve to be and present to us their talent in its raw, less commercialized form, and the same can be said about the actors starring in these mostly unknown works: they were young, still had a lot to learn, but already had that passion and their distinct uniqueness that made them stand out even when their careers hadn't yet properly take off.

We still have no idea why certain projects failed at the box office or weren't very welcomed by the critics of that time, but trust us: these are enjoyable and worth your time.