Damon Lindelof Is Rumored To Write A New Star Wars Movie: Fans Believe He Can Save The Franchise

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There has been a lot of rumors linking Damon Lindelof to a new Star Wars movie. Fans are already excited about it.

Damon Lindelof so-created the iconic TV series ‘Lost’ and ‘Leftovers’. Recently he returned with the controversial ‘Watchmen’ series based on famous Alan Moore comics.
Lindelof is a big fan of ‘Star Wars' and he has indicated interest in writing a script for the franchise since 2015. Things didn’t work out back then, and the filmmaker concentrated on other projects. But he didn’t give up the idea.

Now the rumors are very likely to turn true. Insider Jeff Sneider tweeted that the screenwriter is already working on Lucasfilms project. But there aren’t any official confirmations yet.
However fans are imagining how Lindelof might change the course of the franchise. He is well known for supernatural storytelling and unpredictable plot twists. The audience is wondering if he will use these tricks again. Some journalists expect Lindelof to cast old friends from ‘Lost’, for example, Matthew Fox or Josh Holloway.

A lot of fans believe that Damon can save the franchise with his bold ideas. ‘Star Wars' movies need some fresh blood after controversial new episodes written by J.J. Abrams, Lindelof's former colleague. And Damon seems to be a perfect candidate for this task. But let’s not forget that there were a lot of similar rumors that turned out to be false.

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