Did Rowena Really Appear in The Winchesters Episode 2?

Did Rowena Really Appear in The Winchesters Episode 2?
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Wait a second, seriously?

When Jensen Ackles and Robbie Thompson hinted that we could see a lot of familiar faces in The Winchesters, they didn't lie apparently. In episode 2 of the prequel, a certain witch named Rowena might have appeared — or at least that's what fans think now that there are so many things pointing at it.

At the very end of the second episode, titled Teach Your Children Well, we can see that some another hooded witch — not the one John and Mary managed to defeat — comes by to collect the purple magic into her small veil.

Everything about the witch — from her little potion to the rings of her hand — makes fans thinking that Rowena, portrayed in the original show by Ruth Connell, is back in the prequel.

One fan on Twitter suggested that even if it was not Rowena, it could still be "someone we know because why else hide it". Other people pointed at the fact that Connell herself has promoted the episode on her Instagram — which could theoretically point at her participation.

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Still, it's not clear whether it was indeed Crowley's mother who made the final appearance in the episode. Fans were baffled by the weird spider-like creatures that looked like hounds that followed her. But one person suggested that the creatures could indicate that the mysterious cloaked figure was not Rowena but... a certain Knight of Hell.

Rowena MacLeod, who is the mother of Fergus MacLeod (we better know this guy as Crowley), first appeared on Supernatural in season 10. She was killed off later in season 15. In a recent interview with Looper, Ruth Connell herself teased that she is eager to play Rowena once again. The actress also admitted that she has already pitched the idea to the two most important decision-makers: "I have pitched it flat out to Jensen [Ackles] in the green room and Danneel [Ackles] over a drink."

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Who knows, though, maybe the Supernatural prequel will indeed give us a chance to see the witty witch once again?

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