The Winchesters Twitter Fuels Destiel Shippers Hopes

The Winchesters Twitter Fuels Destiel Shippers Hopes
Image credit: The CW

This is not a drill, everyone.

Despite the absence of Castiel in The Winchesters ( at least as of now), it seems that the show supports one of the main pairings of the original show, as its Twitter account has actually retweeted a Destiel parallel.

In case you missed it: Destiel is a ship name for Dean and Castiel, the characters from Supernatural. Dean is present in The Winchesters, while the appearance of Castiel, although heavily speculated, has not happened.

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In episode 2, Mary is seen fixing John's jacket in a really lovely way... that we as Supernatural fans have of course already seen. Yes, because that's precisely how Dean Winchester would fix Castiel's jacket back in the good old times.

After one fan spotted the parallel, The Winchesters Twitter account quickly had it retweeted. The move seemed historic to many Destiel shippers — mainly because The CW would never share anything Destiel-related on its social media.

The Winchesters seem to be treating things so differently that Destiel shippers are already hoping that they might get some closure after all these years... or just get "clowned" once again.

The fact that the show's official account reposted a Destiel parallel does not mean that The Winchesters is going to include anything related to the iconic pairing. Still, fans, who have been suffering due to the lack of Destiel representation in Supernatural for years, can't help but get their hopes up.

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The Winchesters official account has predictably not reacted to the online buzz its retweet caused in the Destiel fandom.

The Jensen Ackles-led Supernatural prequel is following the story of Sam and Dean's parents, but given that Dean himself, alive and well, is narrating it, hints at the fact that the show may not be what it seems. In this sense, it's understandable why fans are hoping for some kind of Destiel closure, especially amid the speculations that Castiel (Misha Collins ) might get a cameo in the show.

There is, as always, only one way to find out — keep watching the show. New episodes of The Winchesters arrive on The CW every Tuesday.