Doors Not Closed For Henry Cavill in DC as Gunn Hints at His Future Comeback

Doors Not Closed For Henry Cavill in DC as Gunn Hints at His Future Comeback
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Is there still hope?

Despite the wave of panic that was caused by Henry Cavill 's confirmation of his DCU exit as Superman, there might still be a glimpse of hope for him to come back once again.

However, should this happen, it will unlikely involve the iconic blue-and-red suit with an S on it, as new DC leader James Gunn hinted in his statement that he and Peter Safran discussed with Cavill some "exciting possibilities" to work with the Superman actor in the future.

While Gunn never provided any additional details on the possibilities, his hint may mean many things. Some fans believe that he leaves space for Cavill to return as Superman at some point later, while others think that the actor might be considered to portray a different character within the new DCU.

Cavill's Official Exit as Superman Digs DCU "Grave" Even Deeper

Fans are divided over such a possibility. Despite the fact that Cavill remains a beloved figure among DC fans, they believe that bringing him in as any other character other than Superman would be a huge mistake. Others, however, are ready to settle for anything to make sure that the studio makes up for the "dirty" treatment it gave Cavill over his Superman gig.

"Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore, what a shame but I would like him to stay as other character as Jason Momoa is supposed to because I don't want to see him on Marvel. Captain Atom would be great," Twitter user juanleal41 noted.

According to Gunn, Superman remains a top priority for him and Safran, and "in the initial stages, our story will be focusing on an earlier part of Superman's life." As of now, it's unclear who will inherit the iconic red cape from Cavill, but many fans believe there are actors out there who might do a job just as great as Cavill did.

Cavill Breaks Silence on Not Returning as Superman, Dashes All Hope

Meanwhile, some people are rallying for Cavill to move on from DC completely and explore different roles. For instance, this might be a perfect time for him to portray a Targaryen in Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon — a prospect many fans are already rallying for.