Fan Theory Suggests Scott Sacrificing Himself to Save Allison in Teen Wolf: The Movie

Fan Theory Suggests Scott Sacrificing Himself to Save Allison in Teen Wolf: The Movie
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The release of Teen Wolf: The Movie is moving closer, with fans recently being treated to their first glimpse of the trailer. Naturally, this has led to an outpouring of fan theory.

And one snippet that really got tongues wagging and minds boggling appears to show Scott absorbing the pain. Who for is not yet known – but the end of the teaser confirms one thing; Allison Argent is back!

So, are the two scenes connected? Some fans seem to think so.

But the prospect of Scott giving up his True Alpha powers has not been universally welcomed. Indeed, one Reddit user described this (as yet unconfirmed) plot twist as "bullshit writing."

Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans

If it's the case that Scott makes this sacrifice, it will have several knock-on effects for the way the story plays out. Obviously, there is the threat to Beacon Hills from the Oni. The trailer makes it quite clear that Scott and everyone he loves is under this threat – and giving up his powers will present an additional obstacle that nobody would have foreseen.

It also raises the question of how far Scott will be prepared to go to save them. Will he be prepared to kill in order to gain back his powers? If so, what will that mean for the strength of those powers? After all, he was a pretty weak True Alpha.

But there is another conundrum facing Scott too. And he's going to need to figure this one out regardless of how Allison was resurrected from the dead. Remember the end of the Teen Wolf TV series, when Scott and Malia had become an item?

Well, early on in the teaser, we see Scott and a female running. To be fair, we can't make out exactly who the girl is, but she certainly looks like Malia. So, let's work on the theory that they're still together.

Reddit Theory Explains Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Perfectly

And if you cast your mind back a little further, you'll recall how, in Allison's final scene, she and Scott confessed their love for each other. Now, it's fair to assume that when he got with Malia, Scott had no idea that Allison could ever turn up in his life again. But now that she's here…boy has he got a choice to make.

Of course, there could be another solution as to why Allison has returned and why Scott ends up sacrificing his True Alpha powers for her. Maybe she's been brought back by the Nogistune – maybe to torment our protagonist, or maybe to manipulate him into giving up his powers…

Damn, now I'm even making up theories based on virtually nothing!