Grey's Anatomy Needs to Stop Being Political and Fix Its Lazy Writing Problem

Grey's Anatomy Needs to Stop Being Political and Fix Its Lazy Writing Problem
Image credit: ABC

Grey's Anatomy has earned numerous awards and accolades over its years on screen.

The show has always been praised for its raw and real depictions of the lives of residents and doctors within Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, as well as their patients and their stories.

Although the show has never failed to serve fans with just the right amount of drama, romance, and scandal between their favorite characters, fans feel like the writers have been falling short over and over again in one particular area.

The show places great importance on addressing societal issues and incidents affecting its viewers to ensure its content remains relevant.

The problem fans have is not with the issues being addressed, but with the timing of their appearance on the show.

Time and time again fans will watch events unfold during an episode and get a sense of deja vu. This would be because what they are seeing has already happened, in the real world, and the writers of the show have simply recreated the events and integrated it into their storyline. This has become a pattern, particularly with political and social issues on Grey's Anatomy, and the writers are to blame.

Current issues such as Roe vs Wade and Black Lives Matter have undoubtedly featured on the show as writers attempt to highlight relevant issues but their efforts are too delayed and give the impression that they are piggybacking on real events to generate content and storylines.

Grey's Anatomy needs to stop waiting for real-world events to generate storylines and instead create its scenes and storylines out of fiction but still inspired by real issues. This will still be impactful but will be a much-needed fresh and different perspective on real-world political issues.

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The importance of focus on real-life issues in the series is undeniable. Some problems need to be brought to life, and Grey's Anatomy's writers hold the power to give fans stronger and deeper understanding of the political events taking place around the world, and to evoke empathy and provide a sense of education.

At the end of the day, all fans ask is that Grey's Anatomy writers stop being so lazy in the way they go about addressing these issues and go back to writing original content and storylines that do not solely rely upon events that have passed. They should instead create more groundbreaking and tear-jerking stories that not only highlight important ideas, but also remind fans why they so eagerly anticipated every single episode.