Insane Titanic Fan Theory Life Didn't Prepare You For

Insane Titanic Fan Theory Life Didn't Prepare You For
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No, not the "that door had enough space for both of them" kind of theory.

Giving Titanic a re-watch is arguably the best way to cry oneself to sleep, even though the movie is more than two decades old. Fans think they know virtually everything about James Cameron 's iconic film, but there is a fan theory that might quickly turn Titanic from a classic drama into a mystic thriller.

The theory goes as far as suggesting that Jack was in fact a time traveller sent to Titanic in order to prevent Rose's suicide and make sure that she survives, and the ship crashes into the iceberg so the timeline goes as it was destined.

Think about it. If Rose managed to commit suicide by jumping ship, Titanic would likely soon to be stopped to look for her; this would alter its course (or the course of the iceberg), and the crash would never happen.

Jack's job as a time traveller would be to make sure that Rose stays alive. To back the suggestion, the theory offers some evidence.

For instance, Jack didn't have any currency in the given time period, which is why he is forced to gamble to secure his Titanic ticket.

Besides, he casually mentions fishing at Lake Wissota – a water body that was actually man-made, created in 1917, which is five years after Titanic sank. And that rollercoaster on Santa Monica Pier he wanted to take Rose on a date to? It wouldn't be built until 1916.

As a time traveller, Jack knew about those things; but if he was a native to the time period, he would never know they existed in the first place.

A reach? Maybe, but it's a James Cameron movie we're talking about, and the director is no stranger to flirt with the idea of time travel, as several years after his 1997 hit, he would proceed to create the Terminator saga.

Just saying.