Marvel Has a Perfect Character For Henry Cavill After Superman Downfall

Marvel Has a Perfect Character For Henry Cavill After Superman Downfall
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If anyone is happy for Cavill officially exiting the DCU, it's Marvel fans.

Now that DC no longer has Henry Cavill as its Superman, it does not necessarily mean that he is required to drop his superhero journey, as there is another cinematic universe that would welcome him with open arms.

Shortly after Cavill's exit was confirmed by both himself and new DC Studios head James Gunn, Marvel fans started a campaign to have Cavill signed up for MCU. According to them, there is a perfect iconic character for him in the new universe — and this character is Reed Richards.

Fans believe that someone like Cavill should portray a character prominent enough to make up for his loss in DCU. For a long time, Marvel fans rallied for John Krasinski to portray Mr. Fantastic, but now that he got the gig in Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness, it doesn't seem like he will return once again.

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With Krasinski apparently out as Mr. Fantastic because there "aren't any discussions at all", as the actor himself puts it, Cavill might be a perfect person to take over the role — at the perfect time.

"Henry Cavill has the perfect combination of charm and brute strength to portray Mr. Fantastic," wrote one of the fans. "I could totally see him kicking butt and taking names as the defender of the universe."

However, Reed Richards is not the only Marvel character fans want Cavill to portray. Among other options for the Superman actor are Captain Britain (who has technically already appeared in the MCU as Peggy Carter in Multiverse of Madness) and Sentry in Thunderbolts — a superhero who possesses the "power of one million exploding suns".

"Cavill's Superman may be gone, but I could definitely see him as Sentry. He's got the acting chops and the physicality to pull it off," as one of the MCU fans put it.

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While it's unclear whether Marvel has any plans to bring Sentry to the big screen, the idea of Cavill taking on the role has definitely sparked the interest of fans. Some have even taken to social media to express their excitement at the prospect.

"Henry Cavill as Sentry? Sign me up," wrote one Twitter user. "He's got the look and the attitude to really make the character come to life."

Cavill's departure from Superman has left a void in the hearts of fans, but the possibility of him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe has many excited for what's next. Whether he ends up as Mr. Fantastic or another character, it's clear that Cavill still has a bright future ahead of him. Marvel has not yet officially shown any interest in casting Henry Cavill in any of its upcoming projects. However, many fans believe that we are soon to hear some good news "if Kevin Feige knows what he's doing".