Potential Twist in 'Dungeons & Dragons' Would Have Blown Fans' Minds

Potential Twist in 'Dungeons & Dragons' Would Have Blown Fans' Minds
Image credit: Paramount

There's just one thing that could make the upcoming movie even better.

The first 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday has received a pretty warm welcome. It looks like the movie is turning out to be better than what everyone expected it to be; at least for now.

However, fans do have one idea as to how the film could end up being even better. While the first trailer showed the events set exclusively in the medieval setting of a fantasy world, it would be mind-blowing if every character, from Chris Pine 's Bard to Rege Jean-Page's Palladin, would be revealed to be a modern-day D&D fan playing a campaign in a real world setting.

"Given those vague cast names I'm 100% calling that there is a modern table aspect to this film that we won't be shown in the trailers." – /DrGarrious.

'Dungeons & Dragons' is indeed known for its immersion, with people playing the game sometimes becoming really invested in their characters. There is a chance that the characters introduced in the trailer also have their modern-day personas who are in fact sitting in a basement and screaming "Lightning bolt!" at each other.

Before the trailer reveal, many people noticed that other promo materials shown at SDCC had the actors looking way too realistic – especially Chris Pine. In the trailer, however, the lore of a fantasy world looks pretty convincing – which does not necessarily mean we shouldn't brace for surprises.

'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' premieres in theatres in March 2023.