Ted Lasso Seems to Be Paving The Way For Spinoffs In The Worst Way Possible

Ted Lasso Seems to Be Paving The Way For Spinoffs In The Worst Way Possible
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans are not sure they're ready to move on so fast.

If there is one thing that 2023 has already taught television fans, it is to be prepared to say goodbye to your favorite shows on a high note.

Because audiences have gotten a little too used to shows dragging on for decades, they find the idea of letting the story go while it's still good very challenging. This was first proven with Succession, and now with Ted Lasso.

One way to keep the universe on screen without continuing the stories of the current characters is to create a spinoff.

While some fans may be skeptical at first, the Ted Lasso spinoff is very likely to take off considering how many loyal fans the story has. The only thing is, Ted Lasso himself has to be in it.

And if he's not, the spinoff might be an even worse idea than leaving everything as it is.

Many fans believe that season 3 of Ted Lasso feels the way it does because the show is trying to set up the possible ways to move on to spinoffs.

Unfortunately, with very mixed reviews of the season itself, it seems that this move not only compromises the quality of the original series ending, but basically asks it to continue in a way that would likely fail.

The less screen time Jason Sudeikis gets, the more confusing it is for viewers.

If they are going to do any kind of spinoff, whether it be the life of Richmond FC without Ted Lasso or some restaurant drama at Ola's, they need to wrap up his story first.

The only thing Ted Lasso's audience seems not to be willing to forgive would be a sloppy ending to Ted's story itself.

It's not entirely clear which way the show will go, but fans are already bracing themselves for the worst. Season 3 has already been a slight disappointment for many, but there is always hope for redemption in the finale.

Tune in to Apple TV Plus on Wednesday, May 31, to watch Richmond FC play their final game of the season.