The Sad but Relatable Reason Joe Keery Had to Leave Social Media

The Sad but Relatable Reason Joe Keery Had to Leave Social Media
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You might probably agree with the Stranger Things actor on this one.

It turns out that popular actors and Netflix stars can be just as overwhelmed by social media as regular people — not because of the extra attention they receive due to their job but rather because of the general impact on mental health it sometimes creates.

This is especially true for Joe Keery, the Stranger Things star who brought Steve Harrington to screen. He ditched social media not so long ago — to great disappointment of fans who would have loved to keep up with him without having to conduct investigations online. The reason, however, is pretty simple and understandable.

"Somewhere along the way I realized that it was not making me feel so good, day to day. It was just lowering my self esteem, which I think it does to everybody," he admits. "It honestly feels more isolating than anything else. Maybe I'll get back on it and it'll be totally great, but for now it doesn't make sense to me," Keery told DIY magazine.

Moreover, according to Keery, due to social media, art "loses" its "mystery".

"I really appreciate it when an artist or an actor will take a break and let themselves be forgotten about and then come back with a new thing they've worked on. With the constant sharing and posting, we've lost a bit of that," he said.

Despite some fans being disappointed over lack of everyday Joe Keery content, the majority of people support the move, dubbing the actor a perfect example of "an extremely offline man" and saying that he's "absolutely right for that".

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It's funny how Keery avoids social media but the latter remains obsessed with him. His Stranger Things character steadily remains a favorite, with every new season sparking fears that showrunners are going to kill him off. Who knows, maybe massive online rallies were something that kept Steve in the show?

However, Stranger Things is not the only project Keery is working on. Aside from the upcoming fifth chapter of the Netflix hit, the actor is also to take part in the movie Finalmente L'alba, which is currently in production with a release date yet to be announced. Besides, he is due to appear in the fifth season of Fargo as Gator Tillman, but the premiere date also remains unknown as of now.

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