Voldemort Literally Wore Drag Under His Robe, Ralph Fiennes Confirms

Voldemort Literally Wore Drag Under His Robe, Ralph Fiennes Confirms
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Dark Lord says slay.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is full of mysteries, but some secrets are better off unrevealed. For instance, here is one little mystery that will send you every time you see Ralph Fiennes' Lord Voldemort on screen: exactly what was under Tom Riddle's villainous black robe during filming?

For starters, Voldemort's costume is one of the things the Harry Potter movies managed to capture perfectly. The black mantle makes Ralph Fiennes' character look and move like a ghost, perfectly mixing the dark clothes and Voldemort's pale snake-like skin.

Well, let us ruin it for you forever by remembering Ralph Fiennes' revelation about what was underneath this entire time. The actor wore... tights. With garter belts. Yep.

"I would tease the stunt guys by going 'Guys, let's get serious,'" Fiennes recalled showing off his garter belts to the rest of the crew.

Now that this image lives in your head rent-free, we dare you to try and feel intimidates by Lord Voldemort once again. The man was aiming to become the worst dark wizard in the world, but this entire time, he was doing it while wearing tights with garter belts.

Fiennes spilled the tea on Voldemort's clothes on What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and the host immediately joked about how Lord Voldemort basically rocked a drag outfit underneath his normal dark lord look. "A cross-dressing Voldemort" were the words he used, if we may.

Ralph laughed at the joke and went "of course, of course," only further demolishing every single peace of fear we had left for his character.

Oh the things dark magic can make you do, huh?

Source: What Happens Live With Andy Cohen