With Cavill Returning, DCU Can Now Do a Better Version of Batman vs Superman

With Cavill Returning, DCU Can Now Do a Better Version of Batman vs Superman
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According to Superman in 2013's Man of Steel, the symbol on his chest is not an "S," but the Kryptonian symbol for "Hope." For fans of the character, Henry Cavill's return as Superman in the DCU is likewise a symbol representing hope for a better Superman and Batman team-up movie.

Cavill had a surprising appearance in Black Adam 's post-credit scene, shocking fans who thought he was long done with the character. He hasn't made an appearance since the massive disappointment of 2017's Justice League.

Cavill has confirmed his involvement with the future of DC Studios. Ben Affleck, who also hasn't played Batman since Justice League, has also reportedly hinted at his future involvement.

The future of DC Studios seems to be making moves in the right direction, as new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have been working on a direction for the previously directionless studio.

The storyline problems began the first time the Caped Crusader joined forces with the Last Son of Krypton in 2016's Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It didn't do as well critically or financially as anticipated, leading to the dumpster fire of Justice League and the eventual scrapping of their storylines.

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Batman vs. Superman, albeit a fun movie, made a critical mistake. DC was trying to catch up to Marvel and the MCU, who had their version of a superhero team-up four years before BvS's release. DC didn't give the characters enough time to develop before bringing them together.

Even though he's an established cinematic character, this version of Bruce Wayne had no introduction other than his hate for the reckless Superman, whose battle destroyed half of Metropolis. Their relationship wasn't developed further in the next movie either; Batman resurrected Clark after his death in BvS and they immediately went to battle Steppenwolf together.

Now that Cavill and Affleck are both confirmed to be back, DC can work toward the two iconic heroes becoming genuine allies. The juxtaposition of their two different styles of characterization is what made the duo so formidable and so beloved in comic and cartoon adaptation. They were co-leaders of the Justice League, the greatest team in superhero history. In their two films together, there was no friendship or alliance. There was no development.

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In a successful cinematic adaptation, the friendship between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent needs to be present, more so than just their superhero personas fighting together.

Affleck is confirmed for the upcoming Flash and Aquaman 2. Cavill hasn't yet been attached to any particular project. But with the two stars returning for their roles, DC fans can finally hope to see the version of the Justice League they were promised years ago.