Who Will Be the Next Poor Soul to Try and Fill Cavill's Superman Shoes?
Fans of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) are buzzing with speculation over who will step into the iconic role of Superman, following Henry Cavill's somewhat messy departure from the role. 
6 Controversial Netflix TV Shows That Managed to Piss Off Almost Everyone
When it comes to these controversial Netflix shows, it's a hate-watch for everyone involved.
Video Game Adaptations Taking Over the Small Screen: 5 Series You Won't Want to Miss
Video game series are all the rage these days and we've got the inside scoop on five of the most epic ones coming your way in the next few months.
Witcher or Ditch-her? The Show's Future Uncertain After Blood Origin Flops
It's been a rough few days for Netflix's The Witcher franchise. 
Too Old & Too Famous: Bridgerton Fans Don't Want Cavill Anywhere Near the Show
You may think that audiences around the world would welcome an actor like Henry Cavill to any show or movie with open arms. Well, as it turns out, dashing looks and a name in the industry don't always work in every actor's favor.
Blood Origin Just Proved The Witcher Has Zero Chance to Survive Without Cavill
The Witcher prequel seems to have proved one thing – the franchise is a no go without its main character Geralt of Rivia who was brilliantly portrayed on screen by Henry Cavill. So it is not only the character itself but also the actor who is the driving force and the magnet of the series.
Superman Gets a Younger, Handsomer Makeover with House of Cards Star
Cavill's been out for what literally feels like a couple of days, but there's already a perfect replacement found.
Generic and Derivative, Blood Origin is The Worst Game of Thrones Knock-off Yet
The Witcher: Blood Origin debuted on December 25 much to the excitement (and subsequent disappointment) of the franchise fans. 
Witcher Prequel is Record-Breaking Failure With Worst Audience Score Ever
You have most likely never seen an audience score this low for a newly-released popular Netflix series.
Will The Witcher's Showrunner Stop Messing With Canon in Season 3?
The Witcher Season 3 is not to be released until the middle of 2023 and it is the series' spin-off The Witcher: Blood Origin, which gets most of attention. 
Henry Cavill Becomes a Marvel Superhero in Fantastic Fan Art Makeover
Henry Cavill goes from Man of Steel to Man of Elastic in new Mr. Fantastic fan art.
DCEU's Death Certificate Lists Cause of Death as 'Snyder', Not 'Gunn'
When James Gunn was hired as the new co-CEO of DC Studios, he was not hesitant on saying they were focused on the future. Fans were excited about the new direction for a studio that had seemed directionless for years, but they had no idea of how extremely Gunn would reset the franchise. 
Justice League Curse Has Been Haunting DC Projects For Decades
The DCEU Justice League is dead, continuing the curse of the famous super team in live action.
DCU Post-Credits Scene That Never Amounted to Anything (And Never Will)
The post-credit scene of DC's most recent cinematic disappointment Black Adam featured a surprising Henry Cavill Superman cameo, all but promising a long-awaited return. Two months later, it's been announced that Cavill will not return. This is not the first DC movie to amount to absolutely nothing.
Black Adam Test Screenings Were So Bad, WB Spent $70M on Reshoots
It's a flop. And one of the most expensive DC flops at that. 
Shazam 2 Might Ruin Zachary Levi's Chances of Staying in DCU, Here's How
You think Levi's Shazam is "all Gucci"? Not so fast.
Insiders: No Chance For Wonder Woman and Shazam to Stay in DCU As They Are
With Dwayne Johnson officially out of the DCU first chapter of storytelling, it's bold to hope that other old characters are still game.
A Quick Guide Into Why Black Adam Flopped So Hard
Not everything works out fine even if you put 15 years of work into it.
Smallville's Rosenbaum Wants to Be Lex Luthor Again in James Gunn's DCU
Things took an unexpected turn for the DC Universe recently, as DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn announced a new Superman movie in the works last week. 
Jaskier's Latest Trick: Appearing In Blood Origin Without Ruining Timeline
All eyes on the December 25 release of the Witcher: Blood Origin series! 
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