Disastrous DCU Update Makes Henry Cavill's Witcher Exit That Much Worse
The Witcher: Blood Origin series release on December 25 is on everybody's mind today but the aftershocks of Henry Cavill's departure from the original series are still felt across The Witcher universe. 
Looks Like The Flash Won't Be a Disaster After All, Despite Its Budget Skyrocketing
After years of delays, directorial changes, and off-screen incidents, DC Studios' The Flash will finally be released in June 2023. And according to reported test screenings, it's going to be good. 
DC Fandom Devastated Over Cavill Exiting Stage Once Again: "Absolute Disgrace"
If Black Adam's push to return Superman back into the DCU got your hopes up... it's time to get 'em back down, apparently.
No Cavill, No Problem: The Witcher Season 4 Promises to Be 'Fantastic'
The series showrunner is confident, apparently.
Michelle Yeoh Weighs in on the Controversy Surrounding Liam Hemsworth in the Witcher
We've heard what fans of The Witcher series think about Liam Hemsworth, who will replace Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia for Season 4. And this is something any actor would hardly like. But what about fellow actors? 
Looming DCU Reboot Causes Fan Outrage: Here's What's Going On
Is it even DCU if it doesn't have major shake-ups every now and then?
Critics Call for James Gunn's Head as #FireJamesGunn Trend Takes Off
It was just one tweet by the DC Studios co-boss that has set the DC universe fandom on fire.
With Cavill Returning, DCU Can Now Do a Better Version of Batman vs Superman
According to Superman in 2013's Man of Steel, the symbol on his chest is not an "S," but the Kryptonian symbol for "Hope." For fans of the character, Henry Cavill's return as Superman in the DCU is likewise a symbol representing hope for a better Superman and Batman team-up movie.
Jaskier Actor Gives Candid Opinion on Liam Hemsworth as New Witcher
Jaskier actor's reaction to Henry Cavill's departure from The Witcher is probably not what you expected.
Best MCU Ending Scene is Ridiculously Underrated
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with many great movie moments. 
MCU's Secret Wars Better Off Without Tom Holland's Spider-Man
Ever since he stole Captain America's shield in the second trailer for Civil War in 2016, Tom Holland's Spider-Man has taken over as the MCU's most popular character – just like his comic counterpart. With the next two Avengers team-ups announced – Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars in 2025 and 2026 – Holland is almost guaranteed to make an appearance. But should he? 
Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect MCU's Wolverine, and This Fanart Proves It
The Henry Cavill craze is not likely to go away any time soon. 
Graham Norton Mocked Henry Cavill's Most Wholesome Hobby
Aside from being a huge fan of The Witcher books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, Henry Cavill, who famously portrayed the main character Geralt of Rivia, is a tabletop gaming nut. 
The Boys Star Deliberately Messed Up His Audition For This Unlikely Reason
He's got a chiseled jaw, a perfect smile, a heroic physique, and a side to him that can immediately shift to terrifyingly unstable. 
The Witcher Fans Still Cling to Hope That the Show's Writers Will Be Fired
The petition launched by the fans of The Witcher, asking Netflix to fire the show's writers, has received almost 270 thousand signatures.
Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect in HotD Season 2, And This Fan Art Proves It
It looks like the "Henry-Cavill-Would-Make-a-Perfect…" trend will go on forever. 
Les Miserables' Pivotal Scene Was Tweaked Because of Anne Hathaway
It's no secret that actors sometimes have to go the extra mile to prepare for a role in a film. 
Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect The MCU's Hercules, and This Fanart Proves It
We saw Henry Cavill as Superman in cameo in Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, and it was something that Superman fans have been waiting for a long time. But have you ever caught a glimpse of the ex-Witcher as any other superhero? If not, it's high time to see the Geralt actor as Marvel's Hercules.
Chris Hemsworth is Okay With Returning to Thor on One Condition
Thor will return... probably.
A Gilmore Girls Star is About to Join the DC Universe
DC fans surely deserve more good news at this point.
Internet Crush of the Day
Henry Cavill From: post-DCU

Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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