DCU Drama Continues: The Rock Gets Dragged For 'Humiliating' Cavill
Almost nine weeks passed since the release of Dwayne Johnson's much-anticipated Black Adam and it seems that the movie has failed to impress the audience. 
The Moment DC Cinematic Universe Went Off the Rails For Good
This is when it all went wrong for DCU.
Rings of Power and The Witcher Actually Fail at Diversity Despite Their Ambitions
It happens when all you want to do is check boxes and not come up with a good story.
Aquaman 2: Will the Skyrocketing Budget Drown the Film?
History is in the making – or rather a new DC universe. 
Cavill's Devotion to Geralt Led to Major Paycut
It's not a secret just how much Henry Cavill earned for starring as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher series. 
Cavill's Paycheck for Black Adam Cameo Revealed; Looks Like He Left The Witcher For Nothing
Henry Cavill is not returning as Superman – this is a fact the fans we'll have to put up with. 
DCU Behind the Scenes Drama Continues With Dwayne Johnson's Social Media Move
So, no Black Adam sequel?..
Cavill's Warhammer Endeavor Might Be Ruined Just Like The Witcher Was
The actor was quick to find a new project to work on after his out-of-the-blue exit as Superman and The Witcher, but that does not necessarily mean all problems are solved now.
Most Unexpected House of the Dragon Casting That Would Totally Work
Father, son, and House of the Dragon.
God of War Ordered to Series by Amazon; Fans Imagine All The Ways It'll Go Wrong
We've just learned that Amazon is seeking to acquire rights to Warhammer 40K to have it adapted as a series starring Henry Cavill, who is a Warhammer fan. It is yet another iconic game Amazon has laid its hands upon. It has also been reported by Variety that an adaptation of PlayStation's hit video game franchise God of War was ordered to series at Prime Video.
Netflix 'Optimistic' on Hemsworth as Geralt, Fans Question Their Sanity
The Witcher fandom is looking forward to the release of The Witcher series Season 3. 
Blood Origin: Geralt-less Witcher Spinoff Flops Hard
The Witcher fandom is looking forward to the release of the original Netflix show's prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin, but will they get what they really want? 
Henry Cavill Will Not Return to The Witcher Despite Superman Exit
Now that Henry Cavill's Superman has been scrapped there is one question on every The Witcher fan's mind – could Henry please reprise his role as Geralt of Rivia? It seems logical for the fandom but the Cavill's return as Geralt, just like his return as Superman, is totally ruled out.
Marvel Has a Perfect Character For Henry Cavill After Superman Downfall
If anyone is happy for Cavill officially exiting the DCU, it's Marvel fans.
Doors Not Closed For Henry Cavill in DC as Gunn Hints at His Future Comeback
Is there still hope?
Cavill's Official Exit as Superman Digs DCU "Grave" Even Deeper
Being a DC fan is as painful as it has been for the past couple of years.
Cavill Breaks Silence on Not Returning as Superman, Dashes All Hope
It's official and it's sad. 
Twilight's Original Carlisle Was Way Worse: Find Out Which A-List Actor Was Going to Play Him
Stephanie Meyer had in mind someone other than Peter Facinelli for the role of Carlisle Cullen. Luckily, that casting fell through.
Patty Jenkins Sets the Record Straight on Wonder Woman 3
Let's finally hear it from the director.
Marvel Searches for Iron Man Replacement, but Can Anyone Fill RDJ's Shoes?
After Robert Downey Jr. left the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good in 2019 with the heroic sacrifice of his character Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, fans have been left feeling that the universe is incomplete. Without its iconic Iron Man and considering the quiet failure of Phase 4, the future of the MCU is uncertain.
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