Was There Behind-the-Scenes Drama That Led to Cavill's The Witcher Exit?
The Witcher fandom was shocked on Saturday afternoon after Netflix made its explosive announcement that Henry Cavill will be leaving The Witcher series following the upcoming Season 3 with Liam Hemsworth taking over in Season 4.
Ciri's Arc in The Witcher Season 3 Will Be Even More Controversial
As we're drawing closer to The Witcher Season 3 let's try and guess what's in store for us. Andrzej Sapkowski's iconic novel Time of Contempt has so many scenes and sequences – which of them will make it to Season 3?
A Recipe for Disaster: Witcher Writers Were Actively Mocking the Books
Former producer of Netflix's The Witcher series Beau DeMayo has dropped an explosive bomb – he has revealed that some of the show's writers "actively disliked" both Andrzej Sapkowski's books and CD Projekt Red's games.
The Wait for House of the Dragon Season 2 Will Be Ridiculously Long
The long-awaited House of the Dragon season finale aired on Sunday, October 23, ending up being the most buzz-generating episode of the show after having been leaked online 24 hours before the official premiere.
The Witcher Suffers Massive Retcon Because of Blood Origin
Before even its premiere on December 25, 2022, The Witcher's prequel, Blood Origin, is already altering the original Netflix show, specifically its timeline.
The Rings of Power Budget per Episode is Twice Stranger Things' One
Remember how we used to be impressed by the dashing amount of money that Netflix spent on Stranger Things? 
Fans Demand That Netflix Wake Up on The Sandman Renewal
Third month into The Sandman uncertainty, fans are starting to get desperate.
'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal
Despite 'The Sandman' spending six weeks in Netflix's Top 10 globally, the platform remains mum about the project's future.
Will Henry Cavill Appear at San Diego Comic-Con?
A lot of fans are already rallying for their one and only man of steel to make an epic comeback.
Marvel Fans Are Trying To Fancast Henry Cavill For The MCU, With 2 Characters Leading As Favorites
Henry Cavill is one of the most prominent actors involved in the DCEU, playing the iconic Superman. However, Marvel fans are still determined to see the lovable Brit appear in the MCU.
'The Witcher' Season 3 Official Plot Summary Revealed
Netflix has announced the start of 'The Witcher' season 3 production, tweeting a photo from the show's snowy set. "Our family is back together again", the tweet reads. And now the streamer has also revealed official plot summary for the next chapter of the Andrzej Sapkowski popular book series adaptation.
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