Why Does Desire Hate Dream in 'The Sandman'?
Do you have siblings who you just can't help but hate a little? Well, in Desire's and Dream's case it's a bit more complicated than that.
Logan Lerman Breaks Silence on Starring in 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'
Guess who's there.
Here's How 'Captain America 4' Could Re-Imagine John Walker as US Agent
Yes, all eyes will be on Anthony Mackie in the fourth installment of the iconic franchise… but. 
Will Yelena Belova Be a Part of Thunderbolts After 'Hawkeye'?
The 'Thunderbolts' line-up remains to be unveiled, but many fans expect Natasha Romanoff's sister to be a part of it.
Who Are Thunderbolts And What Do They Mean For the MCU's Future?
It's time to delve into that comic book canon.
Here's How Jared Padalecki Сould Join 'The Boys' Alongside Jensen Ackles
Let's just have Eric Kripke transferring the entire 'Supernatural' cast to 'The Boys' because he can.
'Percy Jackson': This Logan Lerman Move Hyped Fans Up For Poseidon... Again
It is still too early to get one's hopes up, but no one seems to care about that.
Is Jared Padalecki Being 'Canceled' Over 2nd Amendment Tattoo?
Here's what's actually happening.
Will Jared Padalecki Get a Cameo In 'The Boys'?
With 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles joining Amazon Prime's series as the Soldier Boy, fans of the CW show hope for the actor's reunion with his co-star. And it looks like 'The Boys' showrunner has something to say about it. 
'Ms. Marvel' Connection to 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Explained
Disney + just released the first episode of Kamala Khan's adventures, and the post-credit scene surprised MCU fans with the totally unexpected connection to Tom Holland's superhero journey.
'Under The Banner Of Heaven' Star Wyatt Russel Wants An U.S. Agent And Spider-Man Crossover
With his recent appearances in 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' and 'Top Gun Maverick', Wyatt Russell is seemingly headed for true Hollywood stardom, and Feige should definitely take notice.
Who is Simon Chin Playing in 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'? Here's What Fans Think
Aside from the main trio of Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri, the cast of the upcoming 'Percy Jackson' TV show has been a mystery... until now.
Jared Padalecki Tried to Negotiate Himself Out of 'Walker': Here's Why He Failed
Apparently, sometimes your employer can simply be willing to accept any condition you can come up with.
Here's Why Jared Padalecki Would Watch 'Walker' With His Kids, But Not 'Supernatural'
The actor enjoys Thursday family evenings in front of the TV with his loved ones.
Does Jared Padalecki Actually Want to Retire?
With more than 400 TV episodes under his belt, the 'Supernatural' alum seems ready to call it quits.
Jensen Ackles Could Star in 'Walker' Instead of Jared Padalecki
Padalecki's on-screen brother did eventually find his way into The CW series about the Texas Ranger, but not in the capacity he could have.
Walker Scobell Opens Up About Landing 'Percy Jackson' Role
The young actor is a massive fan of the Percy Jackson series – both an advantage and a burden in his case.
'Captain America' References in 'The Boys' Season 3 Trailer Blow Fans' Minds
Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy is very much a parody of Captain America… but not just the one you thought of right now.
It's Official: Misha Collins is in 'Gotham Knights', With Fans on Cloud Nine
The actor is trading that beige Castiel trench coat for the black Harvey Dent one.
Is Jensen Ackles Really in ABC's 'Big Sky' Now?
Looks like both Winchester brothers are putting on those sheriff hats.
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