Being a Recurring Female Lead on Supernatural Is a Death Sentence, Kripke Says

Being a Recurring Female Lead on Supernatural Is a Death Sentence, Kripke Says
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Supernatural, the long-running hit TV show, kept viewers on the edge of their seats for fifteen seasons while the two demon-hunting brothers carried the fate of the world on their shoulders, and forces of good and evil collided time and time again.

Despite the show's success, fans have long lamented the way the two male leads never had an ongoing love interest. However, the show's creator, Eric Kripke, has made a surprising admission: being a recurring female lead on Supernatural is pretty much a death sentence.

If you've seen Supernatural, you probably know that power relationships are not exactly at the heart of the show's plot. Although there were some intriguing pairings, neither of the brothers experienced the joys of long-lasting love.

Over the years, this has sparked many debates among viewers about whether the show is too male-centric and sexist or if this is, in fact, more fitting for the show.

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According to the exclusive scoop from Ask Ausiello, giving the lead brothers a consistent love interest on the show didn't fulfill the vision showrunners had for it. The show's creator, Eric Kripke, stated that the most dangerous job in Hollywood is that of a recurring female lead on the show.

"The formula in terms of romance that really has proven to work best for us is a girl in every port," he explained.

While they were planning to include recurring female characters that impact the story, they found that having them in passive love interest roles didn't work well.

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Kripke's statement caused quite a stir among the fans. Some felt like they wouldn't have minded seeing a permanent romance. They also found his comment to be misogynistic and didn't like his casual dismissal of women in romantic roles as "passive love interests."

Others, on the other hand, seem to agree with this point of view as they insist the show is about Sam and Dean's adventures, not their romantic connections. In their opinion, the two not having any long-term ties makes perfect sense, as they have nomadic lifestyles, and this way, nothing holds them back from what they do.

Some fans also add that it would be worse if they tried to settle down, knowing that evil forces could come for their loved ones at any point.

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The absence of ongoing romantic relationships for Sam and Dean may have caused some controversy and criticism, but it also highlights the strength of their bond as brothers and the importance of their mission to save the world. It's important to remember that Supernatural has always been primarily about their journey, and the characters they encounter along the way were mainly designed to enhance their story.