Leaked Footage Reveals if Henry Cavill's Superman is in Black Adam

Leaked Footage Reveals if Henry Cavill's Superman is in Black Adam
Image credit: Legion-Media

After all the speculations, is this long-awaited comeback actually happening?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Black Adam

If you cannot wait until the theatrical release of Black Adam and desperately want to know whether the Henry Cavill rumors were true, we got you.

Now that reporters got to see the movie before the official premiere, new details about Black Adam are revealed, and it looks like all those rooting for Cavill's iconic superhero to return to the DCEU were right.

It seems that Cavill is indeed back as Superman, according to some leaked footage on social media. It is unclear whether his character appears in a post-credit scene or during the main sequence, but early reports also indicate that will be donning the classic suit, and the John William's Superman score will be the soundtrack.

Besides, it has also been reported that Superman says "We need to talk, Black Adam".

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While fans are ecstatic about Cavill's return, some social media critics already criticized the decision to use Williams' score instead of the one created by Hanz Zimmer. However, many people are calling not to focus on details and instead appreciate the long-awaited comeback.

"Y'all don't misunderstand me. I don't care that they've decided to use William's theme instead of Zimmer's. I'm just saying that maybe we shouldn't complain about little things like the theme and just appreciate the fact that HENRY CAVILL IS BACK AS SUPERMAN." - @jayjjalen

Naturally, there has been no official confirmation of the early reports. However, the possible return of Henry Cavill has been heavily rumored, with fans hoping that the DCEU will have the actor's Superman back for new solo movies.

Black Adam premieres on October 21 in the United States, with fans' hopes being high for the movie to be a breath of fresh air for the DCEU.