One HotD Plot Hole That Needs To Be Fixed ASAP In Season 2

One HotD Plot Hole That Needs To Be Fixed ASAP In Season 2
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HBO's House of the Dragon Season 1 was great, possibly the best show this year. But nothing is truly perfect, and it too had a few plot holes, which Season 2 hopefully is going to fix as soon as possible.

To be fair, not all plot twists that some consider plot holes are.

For example, the prophecy of Aegon the Conqueror being simply wrong is probably intentional on the part of the writers, as George Martin loves to make prophecies unreliable, subject to misinterpretation, or come true in roundabout ways.

(Though Viserys doing nothing to fortify the Wall and far too little to ensure that the prophecy is passed on can be considered plot holes, given how important the prophecy was in determining his actions.)

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And some plot holes are probably too late to fix.

Like Rhaenyra (or Alicent, for that matter) waiting until Viserys' death to start looking for alliances with the Great Houses, through marriage or otherwise; or Criston Cole apparently being able to beat an important nobleman to death in front of the entire court and get away with it (in the book, Criston made the man's murder look like a tournament accident).

But there is one objectively existing plot hole that Season 2 could and should address. Namely, what happened to Seasmoke, Laenor's dragon?

The bond between a dragon and its rider is supposed to last as long as they both live. Yet Daemon counted Seasmoke among the dragons of Dragonstone. This is very strange, since Seasmoke cannot be ridden until Laenor is dead.

Going back to the book, this was apparently not a problem, since Laenor was indeed killed there, as far as the narrators know. But in the show, Laenor's death was faked, and Daemon is well aware of that fact, since he was the one who came up with the idea and arranged for it to be faked.

So why does he count Seasmoke when he lists the Black Dragon's assets?

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Daemon is unlikely to misunderstand the nature and specifics of the dragon bond; he probably has the greatest affinity for and knowledge of dragons of any of the major characters.

The show needs to clarify whether Laenor died of his own accord while in exile, or whether something else happened that allowed Daemon to disregard the usual rules.