Sinister Matrix Theory That Will Forever Change How You View Iconic Movies

Sinister Matrix Theory That Will Forever Change How You View Iconic Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's follow the white rabbit today and look into one of the most ingenious The Matrix fan theories.

At the end of the 1990s, nobody could ignore Matrix.

The film was revolutionary in a number of areas, most notably the kung fu-style fight scenes, which were lavishly staged and skillfully incorporated into the story using digital effects.

Keanu Reeves, meanwhile, became an icon for a whole generation.

At least part 1 of the Wachowskis' trilogy was worth a full philosophy university course. Endless disputes ensued amongst the audiences. Numerous theories about the Matrix have been created, one more bizarre than the other.

In this particular case we will dive into a theory that will make you question everything you know about the acclaimed franchise.

"Zion and the "real world" are just another layer in the simulation; the resistance fighters didn't actually break out of the Matrix, they were just uploaded to another level," Redditor thomascgalvin says and they have a point.

In fact, if The Matrix can be so compelling (and if the film's message is to question everything), how can protagonists be sure that Zion is as real as they say it is... and not just an extension of the Matrix?

That's the concept of "Zion is the Matrix" theory in a nutshell.

There lies the genius hopelessness of it: given that some rebellious freethinkers will always fight back, just have a separate simulation at the ready.

Instead of Earth or 20-21 century, this secondary matrix would simulate a futuristic struggle for Zion's freedom, giving its dwellers a fake cause to fight for, when in fact they are just as helplessly trapped as those within the regular matrix.

Both worlds, Matrix and Zion, are stuck in similar cycles of oppression, one no better or freer than the other. Is it the machines' cruel joke, or authors' metaphor of humanity's uncanny habit of self-sabotage?

As The Matrix urges us to question everything, perhaps the trick is not to know the answer. While you're on your way to rewatch the beloved Matrix movies, be sure to look out for glitches.