Radcliffe's Favorite Harry Potter Film is So Not What You'd Expect
Are you ready for something truly surprising, Harry Potter fans? Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who lived, has revealed that his favorite Harry Potter film may not be one that's on the top of most fans' lists. 
Harry Potter Meme Sums It Up in a Way We Wish We Could've Thought of Ourselves
Can you describe Harry Potter in just one sentence? A Redditor has found a Daniel Radcliffe meme that does it in an almost genius way.
Hilarious Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Scene That Aged Into Nothing But Tragedy
Why does Harry Potter need to make even the goofiest moments this tragic?
Dumbledore Creating a Horcrux? Totally Could Happen, Fan Theory Says
What, you thought only Voldemort can do things like that? Not so fast.
The Cursed Child Just Had to Ruin Our Favorite Harry Potter Death
Remember The Goblet of Fire moment when you couldn't hold back tears? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has completely ruined it.
This Theory Will Have You Rooting For Harry Potter's Most Disgusting Character
Who could have thought that Harry Potter will have the perfect husband material in the last place we thought — on Privet Drive.
The Cursed Child Would Finally Make Sense - After One Simple Fix
One of the Harry Potter fans pitched an idea that would make The Cursed Child an actual good novel worth adapting.
The Truth Behind Snape's Name Is Not Nearly as Impressive as You Might Think
Severus Snape's name: the mystery solved, just in case you were losing sleep over it.
Rumor: Harry Potter Reboot is Coming to Ruin Your Childhood Memories
In our age of sequels and reboots, nothing from one's childhood seems safe. And now there is a rumor that a full reboot is planned for the lucrative Harry Potter movie franchise, having first surfaced on YouTube.
In Case You Missed It, This Harry Potter Character's Backstory Is Seriously Intense
Most Harry Potter fans know that JK Rowling wrote a ton of character backstories for Pottermore, now called Wizarding World. 
Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Ending is Not as Sweet as You Think
"Hogwarts is not the same without you, Hagrid." Yeah, well...
Why Can Harry Potter See the Thestrals?
Harry Potter's ability to see the thestrals is a unique and important aspect of his character. 
Is it Just Us, or Were These Harry Potter Actors a Disappointment?
Welcome to the world of Harry Potter, where magic abounds and the acting is...well, let's just say it's a mixed bag. 
7 Worst Harry Potter Ships That Reddit Wishes Would Disapparate Forever
One of the most enjoyable aspects of a beloved universe like the Wizarding World is seeing characters falling in love. 
3 Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories: The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre
Welcome to the wonderful world of Harry Potter fan theories! You know, those wild and wacky ideas that keep us up at night, convinced that our favorite characters are secretly time-traveling wizards or aliens from outer space. Yeah, those ones.
Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
Are you a brave and noble Gryffindor like Harry Potter, or a cunning and sly Slytherin like Draco Malfoy?
Voldemort's Greatest Power Actually Had Nothing to Do With Magic
Lord Voldemort is certainly one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter universe. 
Ron Weasley's Macabre Joke Actually Predicted a Murder in Harry Potter
Who knew Ron Weasley was secretly a fortune teller in disguise? The bumbling Gryffindor may have seemed like a jokester, but it turns out his comedic quips were actually spot-on predictions.  
10 Years Later, Daniel Radcliffe Still Making Millions Off Harry Potter
The Harry Potter franchise has brought Daniel Radcliffe some $100 million and landed him not only among the highest-grossing child actors but also among the most popular international movie stars. The last installment of the saga was released a decade ago but Radcliffe still makes money off the franchise.
4 Fan Theories That Will Make You See Harry Potter in a Whole New Way
Are you ready to have your mind blown, Harry Potter fans?
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