Who Did the Worst Acting in the Harry Potter Movies?
A decade after the Harry Potter series ended, discussions about it are still going strong. One of the most popular topics of heated debate is the question of which actors in the entire Harry Potter movie franchise gave the worst interpretation of the character from the books in the movies. 
Even Robert Pattinson's Mom Trolled Him After He Got Cast as Edward
Nowadays, it's impossible to imagine anyone other than Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen in Twilight. But back when the first movie of the franchise was just in the early stages of production, Pattinson faced a backlash from angry fans for not being beautiful enough to play Edward. The actor remembers those times with a smile.
20 Years Later, It's Time to Acknowledge Chamber of Secrets' True Heroes
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second installment of the Harry Potter franchise, was released in November 2002. Twenty years later, fans still can't get over how little recognition some of the movie's characters received.
A Movie Emma Watson Refused to Star In Made $447 Million and Got 6 Oscars
Harry Potter star Emma Watson once turned down an offer that could have made her even more famous, but she does not regret her decision because it helped her fulfill one of her childhood dreams.
A Truly Disastrous Breakup Harry Potter Films Want Us to Forget About
It's impossible to cram everything from the books when you try and bring the story to screens — but in Harry Potter's case, some really dramatic things were left out.
5 Dumbest Harry Potter Retcons That Will Make You Say 'Accio My Brain'
Oh, JK Rowling… why do you do it?
Fan Theory You Want To Be True: Home Alone Takes Place in Harry Potter World
Is this the ultimate Christmas dream?
Remember Tom Riddle From Half-Blood Prince? See What He Looks Like Now
Baby Voldemort, is it you?
Will Harry Potter Reboot Happen After All?
And isn't it, like, too soon?
One Simple Muggle Item That Could Really Change it All For Wizards in Harry Potter
The Wizarding World is very authentic and kind of stuck in the past — for most of the time, in a good way. There is, however, one "but".
Harry Potter Actor Opted Out of Social Media, and The Reason is So Relatable
Daniel Radcliffe, famous for his role as Harry Potter, has decided to abstain from social media years ago – and, surprisingly, sticks to his decision.
Deck the Halls (and Your Netflix Queue) with These Christmas Movies and TV Shows
'Tis the season to binge-watch holiday movies and TV shows on Netflix!
Harry Potter Movies' Worst Blunders: Fans Fuming Over These Scene-Ruining Decisions
In 1997 J.K Rowling released a series of books that took society by storm. Stories of witches and wizards in Harry Potter captivated readers all over the world from the start and still do today.
Jenna Ortega's Net Worth Is Skyrocketing After Netflix's Wednesday
For many actors it was their participation in TV network's series or big franchises that has propelled them to stardom and brought about their enormous wealth. This is exactly what will most likely happen with Jenna Ortega, who stars in Tim Burton's Wednesday, released on Netflix on November 23.
5 Most Wholesome Harry Potter Scenes That Will Make You Feel Better Instantly
The Harry Potter movie saga is full of its own dramatic moments, but sometimes, these films are the best choice if you just want to return to the safe space of the magical childhood. 
Biggest Harry Potter Mistake the Writers Made: Leaving These 5 Moments Out
It's impossible to cram everything into the movie adaptation of a book, but some moments are just too much of a treasure to be left out like that.
Harry Potter Fans Still Asking 'How Did This Actor Get Cast?!'
For the most part, the casting throughout all the Harry Potter films was spot on. And with so many characters appearing in the series, it was inevitable that there would be one or two that weren't so perfectly cast as Alan Rickman as Professor Snape or Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid.
Yes, "Gen Z Harry Potter Translation" Exists, And It's Lowkey Amazing
What's next? Harry Potter TikTok recaps instead of movies? Oh wait...
Harry Potter Actors' Biggest On-Set Regret: Not Filming This Book Scene
The Harry Potter films by and large were a faithful adaptation, or at least as faithful as could be expected, but, as any sufficiently dedicated fan is aware, a number of scenes and details from the books never made it to the screen. 
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Plot Hole Nobody Explained in Years
Mischief managed... but not really. 
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