Ridiculous Reason Robin Williams Was Refused a Harry Potter Role
As a huge Harry Potter fan, Robin Williams was eager to join the franchise. But his nationality worked against him.
Fans Still Bitter Over Harry Potter Movies' Biggest Missed Opportunity
The magical stories of witchcraft and wizardry captivated the entire world with the release of the first Harry Potter movie in 2001. 
You'll Be Surprised How Little Screen Time Bellatrix Had in Harry Potter Movies
Voldemort's craziest and most unhinged Death Eater is one of the fan favorites in the Harry Potter fandom, despite the fact that she is a villain.
5 Plot Twists in Harry Potter That Still Hit Hard
Pretty much every chapter of the story had its own twist, but some of them still work today, even when they are no longer a mystery.
Only Adults Will Understand The True Meaning of This Deathly Hallows Scene
All Potter fans should remember one of the stand-out scenes in the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with Harry and Hermione's platonic slow dance with each other. 
Harry Potter Scene Daniel Radcliffe Would Never Film Again
As it turns out, Radcliffe did pretty much all his underwater stunts without any stunt doubles.
5 Reasons Why Harry Potter Fans Refuse to Accept Cursed Child as Canon
In case you really needed them.
AI Imagines Harry Potter Characters as Cats, And Honestly? We'd Watch That
Just wait until you see Lord Voldemort in all his feline glory.
This Clone Wars Scene Could Make Ahsoka a Villain in The Mandalorian S3
Now this is a Harry Potter level of "what if" in Star Wars.
Biggest Mistake Fantastic Beasts Made Ultimately Ruined The Series For Good
And what is that mistake, you ask? 
Tom Felton Reaction to His First Scene in Harry Potter Is Just Precious
Tom Felton's reaction to a Draco Malfoy scene has taught us that the actor hates frogs. Oh, and he is adorable.
Only Book Fans Know Why This Deathly Hallows Movie Scene Just Doesn't Work
It's not even because they don't like the idea of romantic tension between Harry and Hermione.
Harry Potter Fans Were Robbed of a Deleted Scene That Left Felton In Tears
HBO Max dropped a Harry Potter reunion special celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sorcerer's Stone, complete with cast interviews and deleted scenes. One of those scenes left Draco Malfoy's actor in tears.
5 Reasons Order of Phoenix is the Best Harry Potter Film Despite All the Hate
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix may have cut a lot from the original book, and it is the first of the films to have a much darker tone, but it still has a lot going for it. 
Fans Still Salty Over Harry Potter Movies Missing the Mark on Ron's Best Trait
It is not an uncommon opinion in the Harry Potter fandom that the movie adaptations did not do Ron Weasley justice. 
Harry Potter Theory: Dark Past That Made Wizards Hide From Muggles
Have you ever wondered why the wizarding world has been so reluctant to open up to Muggles, and what the reason for that reluctance might be?
Elite Fans, Meet Your New Obsession: 4 More Shows Just Like It
You thought Elite was addicting? Just wait until you dive into these.
What is the Worst Mistake in the Harry Potter Movies?
Have you noticed how often movies are criticized for being so different from the books that inspired them? 
Hogwarts Gone Wrong: The 5 Most Insulting Harry Potter Movie Changes
Harry Potter is a juggernaut of a franchise. Although Harry's story ended with the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2 way back in 2011 (that's over ten years ago), the film franchise is still discussed on forums all over the world. 
Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis Had the Best Reaction to Tom Felton's Fear of Aging
Neville Longbottom actor is a funny social media commenter.
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Henry Cavill From: post-DCU

Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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