Christian Bale Was Afraid Of One Thing Before Shooting 'Thor 4', And It Is Weird
The Oscar-winning actor was completely clueless signing on to play Gorr in the upcoming MCU blockbuster, and it seems that googling his character made Bale really worried. 
Russell Crowe's Performance In 'Thor 4' Will Be Something Else, According To Chris Hemsworth
It seems that the veteran actor, known for his impeccable dramatic abilities, decided to show his goofy side in the upcoming MCU blockbuster.
"Really Scary:" Chris Hemsworth Details Christian Bale's Time On 'Thor 4' Set
Christian Bale is preparing to shock audiences with his portrayal of Gorr the God Butcher in Taika Waititi-directed MCU blockbuster, and it looks like the actor has already managed to frighten his co-stars. 
Not Just 'Jurassic World Dominion': 3 More Films To See This June
The first month of summer is finally upon us, and moviegoers are in for a lot of exciting premieres.
'Mad Max' Without... Mad Max? Fans Take Issue With 'Furiosa' Spinoff
'Mad Max' is perhaps one of the oldest beloved post-apocalyptic franchises, started in 1979 and still on the road.
Concerned About Hemsworth Possibly Leaving After 'Love and Thunder'? Worry Not, Taika Waititi Teases
It remains to be seen whether Thor's superhero days are indeed over.
The Perfect Reddit Theory Explains Gorr's New Look In 'Thor 4'
After the recent release of 'Thor 4' trailer, fans finally got the long-awaited first look at Christian Bale's villain, but many were disappointed by his new appearance, that didn't look anywhere near to the character's original design in the comics.
Have You Noticed This Loki Reference In 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer?
A new trailer for the latest Thor adventure has been released, and among the many things shown in it, one strange Loki reference has caught the attention of fans.  
New 'Thor 4' Image Introduces This Important Character, But Not All Fans Notice It
Taika Waititi's 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is exciting for many reasons, and Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor tops that list. But it seems that the actress' impressive physical transformation for this role has distracted fans from another major character featured in the recently revealed image.
3 Marvel Characters Reduced To Comic Relief In The MCU, According to Reddit
Many characters from original books or comics have been changed for the worse in a subsequent film adaptation, some of them transformed from deep and complicated personalities to simple and comical ones. And the MCU is certainly no exception. 
List of All the MCU Movies and TV Shows Releasing In 2022
With 'Moon Knight' finale available on Disney+ and 'Multiverse of Madness' finally in theaters, what's next for the MCU?
Top 5 Netflix Premieres You Can't Miss This Summer
Netflix has just unveiled its tentative summer movies lineup, with 36 titles receiving confirmed release dates. 
Is 'Thor: Love and Thunder' the Last Chris Hemsworth MCU movie?
Very few characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe got a chance to do four solo movies. In fact, God of Thunder is the only one who got this far.
James Gunn Weighs in on Demands to Recast Chris Pratt
For the record: this time, Chris Pratt hasn't even done or said anything that could prompt a canceling campaign, and yet, here we are.
Why is Twitter Trying to Cancel Chris Pratt Over 'Thor 4' Trailer?
Chris Pratt and Thor shared a pretty ambiguous scene in the trailer for 'Love and Thunder', and for some reason, it has unleashed hell on Twitter.
Character Inaccuracy in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer Everyone's Actually Happy With
Taika Waititi's take on Thor and his aesthetics has certainly raised some eyebrows, but it looks like the majority of fans are actually quite supportive of his creative approach.
One Of The Weirdest Moments in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer Explained
Long-awaited trailer for the upcoming ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ contained many mysteries and Easter eggs for Marvel fans to discover, yet its biggest secret appears to be pretty mundane – what’s going on with Thor’s look? 
'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer: List of All the Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed
Here's the list of everything 'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer showed us (and a little something it didn't).  
'Thor: Love and Thunder' Press Tour Kicks Off... But There's Still No Trailer
The absence of the 'Love and Thunder' trailer has long bothered fans, getting a lot of people bracing for yet another potential delay of the movie. But worry not!
Fans Are Getting Desperate About 'Thor: Love And Thunder'
Thor is the only Marvel superhero that received more than three solo movies. However, with just 100 days before the scheduled release of Thor 4, fans are getting nervous due to the lack of promotional material.
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