NCT Taeyong's Didn't Want to Take MBTI Test But His Results Surprised Fans
Can we finally determine his personality type after all these years?
15 Movies Where the Sequel is Better Than the First Film
Some movies are perfect as they are, a one-shot story that has a natural end, but others have more to say. Most of the time, the sequel never quite captures the magic of that first outing, and some are inevitably disappointing, I'm looking at you Teen Wolf Two, which manages to make Teen Wolf look good. 
You Know Who Could Be a Great Joker? Oddly Enough, Tobey Maguire
"That's a cool outfit, did your society give it to you?"
Joker's Real Name Might Have Been Revealed
It's weird to even think that this guy has an actual human name, isn't it? 
Why is Chris Pine a Meme Now?
It's always fun when something – or someone – becomes a meme template out of the blue.
'The Batman 2' is Still Underway Amid Warner Bros. Uncertainty
Fear not, Robert Pattinson fans.
Ezra Miller Breaks Silence on Their Behavior, And The Internet Goes Crazy
After weeks of tensions and controversy, 'The Flash' titular star is finally speaking out in what looks like a desperate attempt by Warner Bros. to save the movie.
Amid Warner Bros. Uncertainty, 'The Batman 2' Still Hasn't Been Greenlit
Being a DC fan still is as uncomfortable and exhausting as it was before.
Will DC's 'Titans' and 'Doom Patrol' Get Canceled?
More and more DCEU projects seem to be under threat.
Here's Why Warner Bros. Marvel-Like Strategy is Doomed to Fail, According to Fans
Absolutely no optimism here.
Musical in 'The Marvels'? It's a Hard Pass From Fans
Are we getting a song from Brie Larson? In a Marvel movie? 
'Joker 2' Leak: Lady Gaga's Character Is More Surprising Than Expected
As the Todd Phillips film is close to production, it is inevitable that the script will be seen by some insiders willing to share its contents with a wider audience. 
'Joker 2' Is Rumored To Be The Most Violent Hollywood Film Ever
It looks like Todd Phillips is trying to shock audiences once again, as his rumored script is sure to leave many fans furious.  
Can Robert Pattinson's Batman Appear In The DCEU?
Matt Reeves' successful Batman revamp was praised by critics and fans alike, but it seems the director prefers to keep his distance from other DC titles.  
'Stranger Things': Vecna Actor Being Fancast as This Iconic DC Villain
Even though the character has already had enough actors portraying him.
'Joker 2' Being A Musical Is A Fine Idea, But Reddit Still Has Something To Say
Following recent reports that Lady Gaga is circling the role of Harley Queen in the upcoming Joaquin Phoenix-led movie, some insiders have reported that the project is being developed as a musical of sorts.
Reddit Found The Perfect Idea For 'Joker 2', With William Dafoe Involved
Todd Phillips recently announced that a sequel to his Joaquin Phoenix movie is officially in the works, and the Internet has gone crazy trying to figure out what it could be about.
Fans Think 'Joker' Sequel's Title Hints at This Character Appearance
Joaquin Phoenix's Joker will return soon enough, and he might be not the only one.
The CW's 'Gotham Knights': Debut Trailer Breakdown
Who will protect Gotham now? Asking for DC fans.
3 PG-13 Movies That Clearly Went Further Beyond the Rating than 'Multiverse of Madness'
Marvel's first-ever horror movie sparked a lot of questions regarding how it managed to remain PG-13-rated given the non-typical amount of violence and scares in the Doctor Strange sequel.
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