KQ Introduced Members of a New Group After ATEEZ, Leaving Fans Conflicted
Inevitably, every K-pop agency tries to expand by preparing and debuting new teams, even if the agency already had a hit-making group on its hands.
The Underlying Message of SNSD's Funny Password Story is Deep and Sad
Nothing shows affection more than these little details.
iKON's Chanwoo Gives a Shout Out to His First Ever Fan, And It's The Sweetest Thing Ever
It's been seven years, and he still hasn't forgotten her.
Here's What Bobby Really Thought About B.I Departure: "Is This The End Of iKON?"
In a rare candid interview iKON members touched down on one of the most emotionally heavy topic: pillar-like member leaving the group after a drug scandal.
Two K-Pop Idols Will Become Judges on 'The Indonesian Next Big Star'
These two Korean artists are perfect to be mentors on any survival show.
BTS Min Yoongi's Very Personal Mixtapes are on Everyone's Mind Again, And Here is the Reason
It's been 6 years since BTS' Suga has released 'Agust D'.
'Street Man Fighter' Has Encountered Unexpected (But Hilarious) Problem
Are we sure that this is an intense competitive show between men?
iKON's Bobby Shows All Signs of Being A Great Dad
It doesn't happen every day that a K-pop idol becomes a dad, much more such a cool one.
Fans Celebrate Adele Being 'Back' After She Opens Up on Cancelled Vegas Residency
It seems that even a devastating cancellation cannot turn fans away from the British diva.
Why Did Ohm And Nanon Fight After Awards Ceremony?
The evening that should've ended in a joyful celebration was interrupted with a conflict between two popular Thai actors, Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat.
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