Five Times EPIK HIGH Have Roasted Each Other
If you work with someone side by side for 20 years, you either learn to love or to hate them.
Is It True YG's Vocalists Are Worse Compared to Other Agencies?
Recently another discourse, old as time, surfaced on Twitter. Fans tried to compare idols again but some of their 'hot takes' seem questionable to anyone who's been into K-pop long enough.
iKON's Koo Junhoe Hilariously Tries To Pair Off Group Members With Fans
Who wouldn't want to marry a K-pop idol? Well, having another idol as your wingman might be the best thing that can happen to a fan.
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KQ Introduced Members of a New Group After ATEEZ, Leaving Fans Conflicted
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The Underlying Message of SNSD's Funny Password Story is Deep and Sad
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In a rare candid interview iKON members touched down on one of the most emotionally heavy topic: pillar-like member leaving the group after a drug scandal.
Two K-Pop Idols Will Become Judges on 'The Indonesian Next Big Star'
These two Korean artists are perfect to be mentors on any survival show.
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