Resident Showrunner Hilariously Responds to Rumors of Dr. Bell's Departure
As fans of the hit medical drama The Resident know, rumors have been swirling that the fan-favorite character, Dr. Bell, might be leaving the show.
This Character's Exit Was So Bad, Grey's Anatomy Fans Would Rather Him Be Dead
As the award-winning medical drama Grey's Anatomy struggles with its 19th season, longtime fans have been hit with a feeling of nostalgia looking back and realizing how much the show has changed and evolved over the years it has been running. 
One Grey's Anatomy Pairing Is So Strange, Even Shonda Can't Explain It
Over its 19 seasons long run, Grey's Anatomy has had many characters come and go from the show. 
Grey's Anatomy: The Episode That Had Us Saying, 'Come On, Now'
All television shows like to play fast and loose with realism. 
Ellen Pompeo Explains the Real Reason Behind Grey's Anatomy Exit
"This is like me like going away to college." Grey's Anatomy leading actress explains why she decided to say goodbye to the ABS medical show.
Ellen Pompeo Leaving Grey's Anatomy Feels "Ungrateful" to Some Fans
The winter return of Grey's Anatomy will see its titular character, Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey, leave.
Sexism is the New Racism For Rings of Power As It Lands All-Female Director Line-Up
Amazon's Lord of the Rings endeavor steps up the diversity game while it would clearly better off beefing up the writers' room.
The Only Cheating on Grey's Anatomy Fans Were Willing to Forgive
Grey's Anatomy has never been afraid to push boundaries. 
Twilight CGI Got One Thing Right, But Then There Was This VFX Nightmare
The Twilight saga had some of its good moments, but it looks like it will be down in history for its bad ones.
One of Grey's Anatomy Storylines Was Based on a Writer's Real-Life Lie
Writers of the show Grey's Anatomy have been praised often for the accuracy of the medical procedures and protocols shown taking place in the hospital, with a wide spectrum of diseases, illnesses, and injuries depicted coming into Grey Sloan hospital daily, along with a strong focus on the drama and personal lives of the doctors and residents working there. 
The Surprisingly Sweet Reason Michael Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo Left NCIS
The original NCIS which has spawned several spin-off series will soon be approaching its 10th anniversary within a few months. 
Grey's Anatomy: The Episode Where the Laws of Physics Took a Break
One storyline in Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy makes one wonder whether Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors have superpowers.  
The Way Meredith's Exit Was Handled Has Even Haters Agree On One Thing
Fans say the exit of the long-running ABC medical drama's lead character felt like a "giant slap in the face." Now, both fans and haters agree the show should end.
Grey's Anatomy: We Suspended Disbelief, But This Moment Was Too Much
One Grey's Anatomy storyline made fans question the realism of the medical drama show.
Mariska Hargitay Makes 6 Figures Per SVU Episode, But Still No Match for TV's Highest Earners
Mariska Hargitay, who portrays detective Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU has featured in all 526 episodes. 
This Character Leaving is Arguably The Most Devastating Grey's Anatomy Moment
After running for 19 seasons, a series like Grey's Anatomy is bound to have had many characters leave the show over the years, and have introduced new characters along the way to fill the emptiness left behind. 
Grey's Anatomy Just Won't Let Anything End Nicely
Grey's Anatomy has been one of the most beloved shows for its entire run. And given it is currently up to season 19, that is quite a stellar achievement. 
Behind-the-Scenes "Insanity" That Pushed Grey's Anatomy Star to Leave the Show
Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl opened up about her decision to leave the medical show, said she wished to revisit it.
Grey's Anatomy's Biggest Series-Changing Moment Happened Back in S10
Over a total of 19 seasons, fans have become somewhat used to the roller coaster of emotions that comes with watching Grey's Anatomy. There is drama, rivalry, love, heartbreak, and a fair amount of death, with the writers and producers becoming notorious for killing off fan-favorite characters. 
One of the Greatest Grey's Anatomy Characters Almost Never Existed
The show just wouldn't be the same without them.
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