4 Presentations to Wait For at This Year's D23 Expo
Disney's biggest event is finally upon us, and the revealed lineup of presentations promises some pretty major announcements this September.
Taika Waititi's 'Star Wars' Film Might Fix Disney's Biggest Mistake
Fans are thrilled with the 'Love and Thunder' director's new take on the hackneyed conventions of sci-fi opera.
Here's How Taika Waititi's New 'Star Wars' Film Can Save The Franchise
Thanks to a mysterious new project set in a galaxy far, far away, still in development by 'Love and Thunder' director, 'Star Wars' finally has a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of fans.
Did DC Just Steal A Character Idea From Marvel For 'Aquaman 2'?
Warner Bros.'s superhero property is going through bad times right now, and it looks like the creative team behind 'Aquaman 2' just decided to use the work of the much more popular MCU.
Bale's Gorr Was Named The Best MCU Villain Ever, And Reddit Has Something To Say
'Thor 4' test screenings proved that Gorr the God Butcher will be the next big chapter for Marvel villains' history, with early viewers unanimously calling him the best one yet. 
Does Someone Die in 'Lightyear'?
Is Pixar's latest animated film really safe for children? Here's what we know.
Russell Crowe's Performance In 'Thor 4' Will Be Something Else, According To Chris Hemsworth
It seems that the veteran actor, known for his impeccable dramatic abilities, decided to show his goofy side in the upcoming MCU blockbuster.
When Do Tickets For 'Thor: Love And Thunder' Go On Sale?
The Chris Hemsworth-led blockbuster is scheduled to premiere next month, but avid moviegoers will be able to purchase tickets much earlier than expected.
Did Taika Waititi Just Shade 'Bridgerton'? Because His Fans Did
The most popular English-language TV show on Netflix? Never heard of it.
Lucasfilm Teases More 'Star Wars' Anime to Come, But Do We Need It?
What a time to be a 'Star Wars' fan now that Disney is offering a wide range of new projects connected to the franchise.
Concerned About Hemsworth Possibly Leaving After 'Love and Thunder'? Worry Not, Taika Waititi Teases
It remains to be seen whether Thor's superhero days are indeed over.
Taika Waititi Commands 'Star Wars' Return From Hiatus, But Are Fans Happy?
Waititi is famous for his own authentic directing style. Marvel's Thor fans seem to like it, but when it comes to Star Wars fans, one can never be sure about what to expect.
The Perfect Reddit Theory Explains Gorr's New Look In 'Thor 4'
After the recent release of 'Thor 4' trailer, fans finally got the long-awaited first look at Christian Bale's villain, but many were disappointed by his new appearance, that didn't look anywhere near to the character's original design in the comics.
Star Wars Celebration 2022 Events Guide and Schedule
The biggest 'Star Wars' event kicks off tomorrow, and space opera fans will be treated to new trailers, announcements of upcoming projects and, hopefully, even more exciting news. 
Taika Waititi Spoofs Awful 'Thor 4' Trailer Auto-Captions
New 'Love and Thunder' trailer is out, and it looks like film's director is not so pleased with Twitter's auto-caption technology. 
Have You Noticed This Loki Reference In 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer?
A new trailer for the latest Thor adventure has been released, and among the many things shown in it, one strange Loki reference has caught the attention of fans.  
Did Snyder Do What Taika Couldn't? Fans Slam MCU's Zeus as "Joke" Compared to DC Version
'Thor: Love and Thunder' appears to welcome a diverse pantheon of gods that clearly does not end with just Scandinavian gods. But clearly, superhero movies have been kinder to the Greek god of thunder, Zeus.
What Taika Waititi's Mystery 'Star Wars' Film Might Be About, According to Reddit
It looks like Disney intends to put Taika Waititi behind its most popular properties: the 'Thor 4' director has announced that he will helm the upcoming 'Star Wars' mystery project.
New 'Thor 4' Image Introduces This Important Character, But Not All Fans Notice It
Taika Waititi's 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is exciting for many reasons, and Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor tops that list. But it seems that the actress' impressive physical transformation for this role has distracted fans from another major character featured in the recently revealed image.
Taika Waititi Spices Things Up as He Hints at Thor's Love Life in 'Love and Thunder'
The director is clearly on track to add more love to that thunder.
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