Yellowstone Fans Cry Foul Over Forgotten Dutton Sibling
The first episode of Yellowstone set the tone for the show. 
Rings of Power Star Jumps Ship to Yellowstone's Prequel 1923
We have mentioned before that Joseph Mawle, who played Adar on The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power, and was one of the more prominent actors in the show, had left the cast.
Gen Z Are Losing Their Minds Over Young Jennifer Connelly
Oh, the discoveries of those who did not get to live through the 1980s.
Rip Wheeler: The Real Star of Yellowstone Season 5 (Sorry, Dutton Family)
Forget John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Rip Wheeler is the real star of Yellowstone. The faithful ranch hand is becoming more popular with each passing season of the hit TV show. And, what's more, season five is defining the character like never before.
This Cameo is The Only Pleasant Surprise Yellowstone Mid-Season Finale Had For Fans
With Yellowstone season 5, one shouldn't get one's hopes too high.
Yellowstone's First Queer Kiss Has Fans Fuming Over Series Going 'Woke'
Just when people thought they had a safe conservative haven. 
Yellowstone About to Be Upstaged by Its Own Prequel Series
Yellowstone is the most popular show on TV, but that may not last for long. 1923 – a new Yellowstone spinoff by Taylor Sheridan – is set to debut before the end of the year (December 19, Paramount+), and may just upstage the series it's designed to complement.
Maybe Yellowstone's Most Hated Character Deserves Some Mercy After All
No matter what are your thoughts on season 5, let's try and get back to why we love the show in the first place. 
Here's How 1923 Connects to 1883 and Yellowstone
1923, Paramount's second sequel to Yellowstone, premieres later this month and has what can only be described as a star-studded cast. 
The Duttons Are Doomed: Yellowstone Fan Theory is Depressing but Convincing
In the season four finale of Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton participates in an indigenous ritual known as Hanbleceya.
Yellowstone Just Has Too Many Hints at This Character's Death
If you are able to escape death 99 times, who says you'll be as lucky in a 100th time?
Yellowstone Has Gone From Must-See TV to Must-Miss Disaster
The new season of Yellowstone is arguably the most successful in franchise history. Season five episodes have generated more than 12 million viewers as the neo-western continues to dominate TV ratings. Yet, with that in mind, many audience members are adamant that Yellowstone is trending in the wrong direction.
One Character Death May Be a Final Piece in Yellowstone's Prophecy Puzzle
So, what exactly did Kayce Dutton mean when he told his wife in season four of Yellowstone that he witnessed "the end of us"?
Game of Thrones' MVP Is About to Shake Up the Dutton Clan in 1923
Something is coming for the Dutton clan, and it's bringing the ultimate Game of Thrones MVP with it.
Yellowstone: John's Death is the Only Way to End the Series on a High Note
How will Yellowstone conclude the series? Could it end with John Dutton's death? These are the types of questions that are floating in the mind of Yellowstone fans as the iconic series inches closer to its final credits.
Glaring Tulsa King Plot Hole Everyone Just Chose to Roll With
Sometimes you are okay with inconsistencies if the show is good enough, and it looks like this is just the case.
Why You Need to Ditch Your Current TV Obsession for Tulsa King
Seems like Tulsa King is the next big thing – don't be the last one to catch on.
Frustrated By Yellowstone Season 5? Tulsa King is Your Solace
Don't worry, Taylor Sheridan still got it. 
Yellowstone Season 5 is a Picture Perfect Example of "Pathetic" Decline
News flash: Yellowstone is still getting worse.
Yellowstone & Tulsa King: The Unwoke, Unbothered and Unapologetic Kings of TV
Tulsa King and Yellowstone are officially the kings of TV.
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