Jamie Campbell Bower Could Become Edward Cullen: Here's What Went Wrong
He still landed a vampire role, but, you know, a totally different kind of vampire.
New Role & Dior Deal: Is Johnny Depp's Career Back Up and Running?
In the courtroom, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star claimed that his ex-wife's op-ed about alleged domestic abuse had ruined his career. How are things going now?
Amber Heard Says Her Role in 'Aquaman 2' Was Scaled Down
Unlike her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who almost immediately lost all big gigs after the actress' 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post about domestic abuse, Heard still managed to keep her role.
With 'Secrets of Dumbledore' Disappointing Box Office, What Are the Chances of 'Fantastic Beasts 4' Being Greenlit?
Warner Bros. initially had ambitious plans for six 'Fantastic Beasts' movies, but it looks like box office numbers also will have a say in the franchise's future.
Will Warner Bros Fire Ezra Miller After His Recent Arrests?
For many young actors, even one arrest would be enough to lose most roles, but Ezra Miller has failed twice already.
Outraged Fans Demand Amber Heard Out of 'Aquaman 2' After She Admits to Hitting Johnny Depp
In wake of Amber Heard's allegations of domestic abuse, Johnny Depp has effectively lost a handful of his big gigs, including those in 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Heard has lost none.
'Cursed Child' Might Save 'Harry Potter' Franchise, But Fans Hate The Idea
Warner Bros. biggest wizard property is going through tough times: the latest 'Fantastic Beasts' movie failed to perform well at the box office. 
Fans Fume As Ezra Miller Gets Arrested in Hawaii… Again
Just weeks after being arrested for alleged disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii, Ezra Miller has baffled fans by doing… the very same thing for the second time.
A Surprising Actor Who Could Play Grindelwald After Mads Mikkelsen, According to 'Fantastic Beasts' Fans
In the third part of 'Fantastic Beasts' Grindelwald is played by the third actor in a row, and some fans call Warner Bros. to own it – by turning an unfortunate series of events into a tradition.
Mads Mikkelsen's Recipe For a Perfect Villain Is Surprisingly Simple
Who doesn't like Mads Mikkelsen? Despite the fact that Hollywood has chosen almost exclusively to give Mikkelsen roles of villains or anti-heroes, his characters always manage to find their place in fans' hearts.
Is Katherine Waterston's Tina In 'The Secrets of Dumbledor?'
After Katherine Waterston's Tina didn't appear in the trailer for 'Fantastic Beasts 3', many fans couldn't figure out if she would appear in the movie at all. Now, finally, we can answer that question.
Depp-Heard Trial Seems to Be Turning Into a Meme
The drama between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has been going on for years, with the two pinning the label of a domestic abuser on each other. 
What Do 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Ocean's Eleven' Have in Common? Eddie Redmayne Explains
'Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore' hits the screens in April, drawing Harry Potter fans back to the cinemas. But it seems that if you are a fan of 'Ocean's Eleven', you might also enjoy the movie, and here's why.
Jude Law Rumored To Lead In An Upcoming 'Star Wars' TV Series For Disney+
Looks like Jude Law is trying to appear in every major franchise there actually is. With MCU's 'Captain Marvel' and Warner Bros.' 'Fantastic Beasts' under his belt, the British actor casts his eyes on the galaxy far, far away.
There's Just One Reason To Watch 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore', And It's Mads Mikkelsen
Yet another 'Fantastic Beasts' sequel is hitting the screens, but a lot of things have changed since the premiere of 'Crimes of Grindelwald'. We have a new actor portraying Gellert Grindelwald himself, and it looks like in the end it was one of the best casting decisions Warner Bros execs ever made.
First 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' Reviews Are In: Here's What Critics Think
New chapter of 'Harry Potter' spin-off is almost out, and critics are ready to share their thoughts about it. 
Tom Felton Returns To Harry Potter Universe. Sort Of...
Actor, famous for his turn as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter franchise, became a co-host of ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ world premiere in London.
First ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ Reactions Are In: Looks Like The Magic Is Back On Track
Yesterday, the long-awaited threequel premiered in London, and some lucky folks already saw it, sharing their thoughts on Twitter. 
'The Flash' and 'Fantastic Beasts' star Ezra Miller arrested in Hawaii Karaoke Bar
Hawaii County police department arrested and charged Ezra Miller with disorderly conduct and harassment following an incident in a karaoke bar in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday night.
What Would Your Harry Potter Patronus Be?
We've all read the books, seen the movies, and argued countless times about the characters and their Patronuses. But did you actually find out what’s yours?
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