Fan Theory Rendered Supernatural Finale Meaningless in Just 2 Sentences
This particular Dean Winchester death was just as reversible as all the previous ones.
Evan Peters and Noah Centineo Had Almost Made It to Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf became a global sensation after its debut in 2011 and introduced the audience to many talented actors who contributed to the show's raging success.
Supernatural Fans Were Robbed of Jensen Ackles as Deadpool, Apparently
When asked by a fan if he was offered any other roles while working on Supernatural that he would have liked to have taken, Jensen Ackles revealed that he was once offered a role in Deadpool.
Teen Wolf: The Movie Did Arden Cho Dirty Not Once, But Twice Already
Can the Teen Wolf comeback get any worse? 
Teen Wolf Movie: The Worst Possible Plot to Reintroduce is Really Happening
Here's a quick lesson on how to ruin the movie for fans before the premiere.
One Twilight Star Ashley Greene Had a Crush On (And No, She's Not Team Edward)
Let's just say that Ashley's Twilight crush definitely made her job easier.
Teen Wolf Movie Timeline Explained: How Big is That Time Jump After All?
After the revival movie Teen Wolf: The Movie was announced, many of us were wondering what the movie timeline would look like.
Bridgerton Season 3 Will Have a Hard Time Selling Us That Love Story
We're all pumped for Bridgerton Season 3. Even just a pic of Anthony and Kate holding hands is enough to send Twitter all… well, a-twitter. 
Teen Wolf Movie Can Succeed Even Without Stiles, But Will It?
It's no secret that Stiles Stilinski played an essential role in Teen Wolf. 
Teen Wolf's Biggest Villain Was Wasted so Badly, Fans Are Still Not Over It
Over the six seasons of Teen Wolf, the show has had many truly memorable, deadly villains, but unfortunately the one-time MTV's biggest series has had a distinct problem: most of these villains have been utterly mediocre. 
Teen Wolf Movie Should've Been Something Way Different to Succeed
The Teen Wolf reboot movie is steadily approaching and is set to be released in January 2023. 
Dylan O'Brien Is Rumored to Revive Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
Dylan O'Brien started his climb to success as Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf series.
Teen Wolf Creator's Hilarious Tidbit on Who Was The Biggest Diva on Set
Have you ever watched a compilation video consisting of errors from TV and film that made it to the final cut? Me too. My inner critic gets a tiny jolt of dopamine when I realize people other than myself make whoopsies.
Linden Ashby Refused to Watch Teen Wolf Finale, and the Reason is So Heart-Warming
There's no doubt that Teen Wolf captured the hearts of millions around the world. The supernatural hit series ran for 6 whole seasons and 100 episodes between 2011 and 2017. 
Biggest Script Slacker on Teen Wolf Set is Also a Fan-Favorite
When it comes to our favorite shows, it's hard to imagine the actors having any other lines than what we know and love them for, and Teen Wolf is no exception.
Dylan O'Brien's Absence is a Red Flag for Teen Wolf Movie Fans
When Teen Wolf fans found out the series was coming to an end, with the finale airing in 2017, they were devastated. But just four years after the final season, a revival movie was announced. 
This Character's Absence in Teen Wolf The Movie Really Ruins His Redemption Arc
If you still mourn Stiles and Kira, they are not the only characters to be absent in the upcoming Teen Wolf movie.
Teen Wolf: The Movie Was a Total Surprise to Dylan O' Brien
Any hope fans of Teen Wolf held out that Dylan O'Brien would reprise his role for the upcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie has long been dashed. 
Will There Ever Be a Longmire Movie?
The misfortune Longmire experienced after infamously being dropped by A&E network in 2014 (despite the show being the network's highest-rated original drama series at the time) ultimately became one of the best things to happen to the Western crime drama. 
This Character Needs to Die for Teen Wolf: The Movie to Succeed
To give its fans and characters some closure, the Teen Wolf revival movie needs to let Allison die for good.
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