Teen Wolf Star Makes Surprise Appearance on Taylor Swift's Midnights Album
Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien made a surprise cameo in Snow On The Beach, the fourth track of Taylor Swift's new album Midnights.
Wolf Pack is Not a Teen Wolf Spinoff, So It's Time to Stop Hoping for Cameos
Whatever you may have thought previously, Wolf Pack creator Jeff Davis has confirmed the show is not a Teen Wolf spinoff. And that means no cameos.
Can You Guess the Teen Wolf Actress Tyler Posey Had a Crush On?
Like the original Teen Wolf from 1985, the Teen Wolf MTV series of the 2010s was rife with teenage romance – though the original Michael J. Fox was far more family-friendly and comedic than the dramatic thriller show starring Tyler Posey. 
Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans
Fans of Scalia are worried that the resurrection of Allison in the upcoming movie will cancel season 6 and screw up the Scott/Malia relationship.
How Teen Wolf Fans Really Feel About Allison's Comeback Drama
The Teen Wolf movie is rapidly approaching and the fan-fuelled drama has already ensued! Most notably, the return of Allison is what's shaking up the fandom as of late. With most fans all in, there are a few that are turned away. 
Fan Theory Suggests Scott Sacrificing Himself to Save Allison in Teen Wolf: The Movie
The release of Teen Wolf: The Movie is moving closer, with fans recently being treated to their first glimpse of the trailer. Naturally, this has led to an outpouring of fan theory.
You Won't Believe Who Was Tyler Posey's First Kiss
We all have memories of our firsts.
Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Just Doesn't Make Sense
Jeff Davis clearly was beyond excited, talking about Crystal Reed's Allison returning to Teen Wolf: The Movie at the recent NYCC panel. However, not everyone shares Davis' excitement, unfortunately: some fans are arguing that Allison being back from the dead makes zero sense.
Crystal Reed Was the Inspiration Behind Teen Wolf: The Movie
So now you know who to thank for that particularly nostalgic reunion.
Reddit Theory Explains Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Perfectly
The new Teen Wolf movie is slated for release in 2023, and the Reddit community is already on top of things with a load of new theories. One, in particular, being Allison's comeback. 
The Only Teen Wolf Star Who Supported Arden Cho Amidst Salary Scandal
Arden Cho, who portrays Kira Yukimura in Teen Wolf, had a recurring role in season three before securing a deal to serve as a permanent cast member (seasons 4-5). 
Newest Teen Wolf Movie Clip Has Fans Worried About Derek
The series ended years ago, but some things just don't change, apparently.
Stranger Things 4 Biggest Plot Hole Might Have Been Intentional After All
You think the Duffer brothers just forgot the main character's birthday? Not so fast.
This CGI Fail in Teen Wolf Movie Clip Left Fans Disappointed
Sometimes practical effects just work better.
Will Stiles Get Killed Off-Screen in Teen Wolf Movie?
It is always a question of upping the stakes.
Which Teen Wolf Star Is The Richest Today?
Teen Wolf attracted a cult following after MTV decided to reboot the series in 2011. The remake of the 1985 movie (featuring Michael J. Fox) launched the careers of several young actors, including teen heartthrobs Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes. 
The Easter Egg in Teen Wolf Movie Clip Only Longtime Fans Noticed
Last night at New York Comic-Con Jeff Davis and the cast of Teen Wolf: The Movie presented a new clip, and there's a lot to unpack.
Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Revealed, And Fans Are Not Happy
After months of waiting Teen Wolf: The Movie finally got its official release date; the bad news? It's going to be a while.
Crystal Reed's Reaction to Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie is Just Precious
It's pretty much impossible not to love her.
New York Comic Con 2022 Panels Guide and Schedule
NYCC just made your weekend that much more thrilling. 
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