Neil Gaiman Has Some Harsh Truth For Haters Calling The Sandman 'Woke'
Neil Gaiman, the creator of The Sandman, is never afraid to push back at trolls and haters. 
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Even though the show is yet to secure a second season.
True Blood Reboot Update: Is the New Series Still Happening?
A lot has happened since 2020. And fans of True Blood who are still clinging to the promised return of the show might just have to wait a little longer than they had anticipated – if the reboot is to ever actually appear on our screens.
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The Reason Why Despair Looks So Different in Netflix's The Sandman
If you are an old-school Sandman fan, you have most certainly noticed that Despair looks nothing like her comic book version in the Netflix adaptation. But there is an explanation.
How Minecraft YouTuber Dream Has Brought Nightmare to The Sandman Fandom
If you are already sick of hashtags #facereveal and #putthemaskbackon, imagine what it's like for the Sandman fans, many of whom have never even played Minecraft in the first place.
Art Geeks, Rejoice: The Sandman's Easter Egg You Most Definitely Missed
Know your arts. 
Is Neil Gaiman Involved in The Rings of Power?
Do we not know something about the Sandman author?
Did God Create the Endless in The Sandman?
Things are quite complicated when it comes to higher entities in Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
Netflix Is the Wrong Streamer for 'The Sandman', According to Reddit
Fans had to wait many years until Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' got a proper TV adaptation, but now there are some issues with it. 
Here's Why It's Taking Netflix So Long to Renew 'The Sandman'
Just when will we get the news we are all waiting for? According to Neil Gaiman himself, it's now that simple.
'The Sandman' Tweet by Warner Bros. TV Fuels Hope For Season 2 Renewal
Fans who are concerned about their favorite show not getting a second season only needed a hint.
Fans Call to Bring Matt Ryan Back Ahead of Keanu Reeves 'Constantine' Sequel
Even though Reeves was the first actor to portray the iconic DC exorcist in a movie adaptation, many people think that the 2014 TV series simply did it better when it comes to casting.
'The Sandman's Fan-Favorite Character Might Surprise You
You think Morpheus is everyone's undisputed darling? Not so fast.
Fans Already Think 'House of the Dragon' Will Dominate the Emmys Next Year
'House of the Dragon' impressed viewers with its story and actors' performances so much that many fans are already convinced the series will get multiple Emmy nominations.
Fans Found a Perfect Actor to Play Destruction in 'The Sandman'
Even though season 2 is not officially in the cards, 'The Sandman' fans are already making plans.
'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal
Despite 'The Sandman' spending six weeks in Netflix's Top 10 globally, the platform remains mum about the project's future.
What Are the Chances of 'The Sandman' Actually Being Renewed for Season 2?
'The Sandman' became the second most popular new series, overtaking 'The Rings of Power' in the rankings and losing the victory to 'House of the Dragons'. But although the series' rating has grown so much, it is not known whether this gives at least some guarantees that the project will actually be renewed for a second season.
Neil Gaiman: 'The Sandman' Season 2 Script is Ready, Only Needs Netflix's Green Light
Despite massive worldwide success, 'The Sandman' still remains to be renewed for season 2 by Netflix.
Hot Take: Johanna Constantine is Not One of the "Good Guys" If You Think About It
If you are a Johanna fan, we are preemptively sorry. 
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