List of Actors Eyed By Francis Ford Coppola For His Epic 'Megalopolis'
The legendary director, who created 'The Godfather' and 'Apocalypse Now', is preparing for his next major project called 'Megalopolis'. Details about the plot have not yet been disclosed, but we already know what actors Coppola is considering for the filming. 
Have You Noticed This 'Loki' Easter Egg in 'Moon Knight'?
Halfway through the show, 'Moon Knight' has largely distanced itself from major storylines of Marvel Cinematic Universe. We hardly see any aftermath of Thanos' snap, or, say, spot a Spider-Man graffiti on a random Cairo wall.
The Surprising Detail in 'Moon Knight' End Credits You Might Have Missed
As soon as 'Moon Knight' started streaming on Disney Plus, everyone praised its credits' visuals particularly. But did you watch closely?
Here's How 'Moon Knight' Director Single-Handedly 'Fixed' Egypt on Screen
Before 'Moon Knight' premiered on Disney Plus, the series' director Mohammed Diab lamented that Hollywood almost always gets his homeland wrong, vowing to fix that. Did he fix that? 
Disney Pushes 'Loki' For Emmys, But Can Marvel Shows Actually Win?
It would be intriguing to watch Marvel's new shows try and surpass the triumph of 'WandaVision' that landed 23 Emmy nominations.
Everyone Has a Crush on This 'Moon Knight' Character (And It's Not Oscar Isaac's)
Oscar Isaac is undoubtedly a heartbreaker, both in 'Moon Knight' and in real life, but it turns out he's not the only crush here.
3 Things Fans Liked The Most About 'Moon Knight' Ep 3
According to Marvel fans, 'Moon Knight' just keeps getting better with each episode. How on Earth – or how on Moon – does it do that?
The Most Meme-Worthy Scene of 'Moon Knight' Episode 2 Was Actually Oscar Isaac's Idea
Weirdness of 'Moon Knight' is actually a heart-warming trait that many fans and critics praised as one of the show's advantages. And it looks like Oscar Isaac loves to contribute to it.
You Definitely Didn't Know This About Moon Knight (Hint: Thor Wouldn't Like It)
With 'Moon Knight' conquering the hearts of MCU fans as it's streaming on Disney Plus, people are already craving to see more of Marc Spector in other corners of the cinematic universe. But the comics fans are always one step ahead.
Fans Ponder What Was Willem Dafoe Doing on 'Moon Knight' Set, But The Answer Is Actually Disappointing
Since Moon Knight's place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains rather vague, any hint at a possible connection between him and other MCU characters can cause waves.
Fans React to 'Moon Knight' Apparently Achieving A Very Unusual MCU Milestone
Disney+ 'Moon Knight' is many things – a dark superhero story, a careful exploration of mental illness, but thanks to the series' attentive fans it apparently just became a first ever Marvel project to drop the F-Bomb.
Kat Dennings Reacts to 'Moon Knight', And Fans Want 'WandaVision' Crossover Now
You surely remember that fun nerd Darcy Lewis from 'Thor' and 'WandaVision'. She's portrayed by Kat Dennings, and the actress is just as much of a Marvel TV series fan as we all are.
'Moon Knight' Is (Almost) Better Than Every Other Marvel TV Series, Viewership Data Suggests
'Moon Knight' is the most important Marvel hit of the last couple of years, especially on TV – it's important to remember that Isaac's series is the very first one to introduce and center around a new MCU character. So, the overwhelming support from fans and critics alike proves that the risk has certainly paid off.
MCU Fans Don't Feel Very Welcoming Toward 'Ms. Marvel'
'Ms. Marvel' prompted debates a long time ago, back when the show was announced by Marvel executives to be a part of Phase Four's TV lineup – as it often happens with new female characters.
Has Marvel Just Hinted On Moon Knight's Future As An Avenger?
'Moon Knight' is certainly a pretty dark show by MCU standards, exploring mental illness and excessive violence. Despite that, it looks like Oscar Isaac's unconventional hero can eventually find his place on Marvel's biggest superhero team. 
Ethan Hawke Talks about his 'Moon Knight' Villain: "I Didn't Go Full Daniel Day-Lewis"
The first episode of 'Moon Knight', the sixth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, is now streaming on Disney+, already getting 94% of approval on Rotten Tomatoes. 
'He Was Scared': Ethan Hawke Spilled Some Details About Filming 'Moon Knight' with Oscar Isaac
In recent interview with Screen Rant Ethan Hawke detailed his experience on the 'Moon Knight' set and explained why he accepted the role in a superhero TV series.
‘Moon Knight’ Director Teases Possible Crossovers in MCU
‘Moon Knight’ does not seem to have that much connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, you could start watching it not having a single clue about what is the Infinity Saga and who is Iron Man – and still enjoy the show just as much as those who know Marvel movies by heart.
There Was A Secret Cameo In 'Moon Knight' Episode 1, And No One Noticed It
If you think you caught every single Easter egg there might have been in Marvel's new series 'Moon Knight'... think again.
3 Reasons People Are So Obsessed With 'Moon Knight'
‘Moon Knight’ might be one of Marvel’s most successful TV projects, at least judging from all the excitement its debut episode caused on social media.
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